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  1. It's a royal pain in the arse. I can only hope that tyres made after this came into force will start coming with manufacture dates on both sides. (Though with my luck, there'll be a batch of the bargain-basement ones made that they screw up and put a different date on each side. 😁 ) I can't see anything in the linked regulations, but I will say it'd be a very good idea to, yes. Otherwise, sod's law will say you get a tug just after you've spent a frustrating time changing the wheel by the side of the road after a blowout, and get a PG9 for having a 20-year-old tyre on the steer axle, b
  2. It slowed me down, but it's not stopped me yet. I have too many other things to be angry about, so it's good to have something to work it out on! 😁
  3. On the note of the rear light wiring... Originally, I had the wiring to each rear light cluster pass down its respective side of the truck. That was fine, but if I were to do it now, it'd all pass down one side then split at the rear cross-member. But, no, I'm going to just have to put up with it doing a bit of a loop around both sides of the truck, to all come together at an adaptable box only to fan back out again. Cables all fed in... And wired up to the various relays and fuse-holders. (Aside from the switched ignition feed for triggering the relay, and a battery feed power wire
  4. Fwoo, right, er... Yeah, it's been a while since I signed in here. 2020 kicked the daylights out of me, and 2021 is not doing my nerves any favours. So, since the last post with pictures, in some sort of rough order: I learned a thing about this engine Quoth the manual: Sez the reality: Doesn't look like there's a liner at all, huh? Funny, that. 😄 Had to move unit again. And the landlord at the current one won't let me leave the truck outside, in the parking bay assigned to the unit. So the truck takes up most of the space in the building. And it got there via
  5. Definitely worth doing while the bits are still around! It's not so much of a problem where there are modern alternatives that can be made to work (like the hub seals), but for things like the tracta joint seals... that seems like it's going to be very much "When it's gone, it's gone". Good to hear! Should hopefully be an easy fix. Likewise the front hub seal! That sort of thing is still a problem on modern vehicles with modern seals. Oil just has a habit of getting everywhere... 😁 Thanks! I'll admit, I've not made a great lot of progress of late. There has been a bunch of not
  6. The hub seals (front and rear are the same as far as I can tell) were from a local bearings & seals supplier. They're a 3.68x5.12x0.5 inch double lip oil seal. Cost me a little over £9 apiece, and they seem to be working so far; but I haven't done any great amount of driving yet so all that really says is that they don't instantly disintegrate. The brake cylinders were an ebay find, I'm afraid. New old-stock stuff. I have still got the old ones, and a reseal kit that purports to be for those cylinders, but I haven't even investigated the ones I took off. (And the old fronts appear to
  7. Since the last post, I have: Finished up the tacho/hazard/indicator pod. It's not perfect, but perfectly functional and I can live with that for now. (Priority for the time being is to aim for roadworthy and sound.) I do need to make an adapter for the original air-gauge mount, to take it from the oddball size down to 52mm for that nice twin-circuit air gauge. Also I might need to add in a little warning lamp for the hazards somewhere but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. (The switch isn't illuminated, and the indicator switch doesn't -- and can't -- flash with the hazards.) S
  8. I could probably weigh them when I've gotten them all off, and see how much of a difference there is; unless it's vastly different, it's probably fine for what is -- at the end of the day -- not a high-performance screamer of an engine that lives on the edge, but having 6 matched pistons is more ideal. ...plus this way, I'm not reusing that battered No.4 piston again 😁
  9. Yesterday! So, taking advantage of the last good day before the weather moves in... ... Several hours of sanding, scraping, and cursing in full sun *melts* Which gets me this: This wing appears to have been replaced in commercial life, having a black undercoat and then the yellow paint atop it. Very well adhered, as opposed to the prior wing... which was yellow paint over four layers of flaking DBG. Anyway, it came off eventually, exposing some slight pin-holes. Easily fixed, then primed. (I could've blended it in a bit more, and made it disappear completel
  10. April: Mostly paint... And a little roof-patching, so I can refit the wiper spindle: Will definitely need to get further into that inner portion to rust-treat and paint, but for now it will have to do. (...that is not how that linkage goes back together, I'm pretty sure; but I can't remember how it was before I took it out, and I don't appear to have any pictures.) Flush with success from that, I went to free up the other spindle to try have a matching pair. And twisted off the spindle shaft trying to turn it. Okay, I'll have to make a new shaft, just need
  11. That looks to be one of the proper Light Recovery variants; quite different equipment on them. They were built right from the get-go as a (pretty well-equipped, judging by the EMER) recovery vehicle; whereas 11CE32 was a cargo truck, with winch, that got a fixed jib installed upon entry to commercial life. Commercial life also seems to have granted 11CE32 something else I didn't expect; I've done some measuring and some maths, and it seems like the engine that's in there is higher compression than I expected. (Being what appears to be a later engine; my boss asked how many coolant ports t
  12. Okay, they should be showing now. We'll see how long for, before everything falls back over again. 😁
  13. Argh. I'm pretty sure I know what's causing it. Everything wants to load them over SSL, and nothing likes the certificate on my server. That's gonna be a colossal pain in the backside to sort, but I'll see what I can do.
  14. ...where was I last? Ah, yes. Peering into the engine and making some wild-ass assumptions. Since then: Not insurmountable, but some portions might be a little tricky with restricted access. We shall see. Thankfully, the other side is much better: Anyway, following on from that, some other bits "fell off": Amazingly, it came off without much of a fight. However, the extra light and room afforded by removing the engine and this corner panel exposes some more joys to be dealt with in due course: I have a plan of attack for dealing with th
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