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    second war time,Czechoslovak forces in exile, under British command
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  1. thank you for info, its very interesting, but ambulance is in condition from may 1945.
  2. good news, both side screens finnish
  3. Turbular frame is my own hand make...
  4. No help? No info about WOT2 steel body, fitted for wireless? Or contact on other owner? Thanks , Tom
  5. Hallo, Im back!Ambulance is running, restoration finnish and now have time for Bed MWR. I am very happy that I got a lamp, interior lighting! And I made a complete tubular tarpaulin frame. And I even got both antenna mounts! And BSA generator. But there is a lot of work ahead of me. Thank you for all the attention and help!
  6. thank you for info, but we need in the better condition
  7. Look for tyres for Scammell Pioneer, four tyres -military grip US style, ex - Militant, or Exlorer or Matador for exmple-help for restoration project, thanks for offers, Tom
  8. Look for Russian GAZ 67b , only in very good condition, thank you offer or info about GAZ 67B for sale, Tom
  9. Look for tyres for Scammell Pioneer, four tyres -military grip US style, thanks for offers, Tom
  10. Thank you, very much, nice message!
  11. Look for info about Ford WOT2H in side body(steel body) with wireless no.19 or 22, Have only one pictures, its very diferent to Bedford MWR FFI, thanks for help Tom
  12. Loook for used series one, 2000l engine thermostat housing with both tubes, missing....thanks for offers, Tom
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