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WC54 pros & cons yays & nays

pop larkin

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As I am now past halfway on my current project I have started to think about what I want next. I fancy an ambulance either the Dodge WC54 or the WC64-KD (if I can find one). Can anyone tell me the the pros and cons of owning either of these vehicles and things I should especially look out for when buying one (engines brakes etc).



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Engine would be a good idea, it helps it go, also look for brakes as they help stop you (something you omitted to do when you bought the Dodge :-D. Perhaps a gearbox, wheels etc, they all help :whistle:



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Hi Paul,



Parts are easy to get.

Easy to work on.

OK to drive.



WC-54's are prone to rust in the ambulance body,especially in the roof and around the windscreen so look for repairs/filler in those areas.


The WC 3/4ton series all have the T-214 engine,it's about the most basic flathead six you'll find and generally they are a good engine,the main thing to look for is signs of frost damage to the block as they are slightly prone to this. If you are looking for a truck to restore my advice would be to go for body condition above mechanical,although it would be better to get something that at least turns over.


As with everything it all depends how much you want to spend! My latest WC is a late 1944 WC-51 which I bought as a totally bare chassis,I have picked up some parts but it will take me years to complete as it's not exactly high on the restoration priority list!



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are there are rules regarding the showing the of the Red cross, when driving on public highways or in general?


The Red Cross isnt a restricted device using it in this context. You will have more problems if you use any siren you have fitted though! :whistle:


The Old Bill dont seem to have a problem with 'old' emergency vehicles because they are obviously old and are not being used to 'mislead'. For instance a pal of mine had a fully restored police patrol car from the early fifties, full markings, bell, siren, working blue lights the lot. Never had the slightest problem other than being stopped so they could have a good ogle over it. Even got invited along for a photo shoot alongside the local forces latest.


The red cross would be the least of your worries. Just make sure you get the air out of the brakes.

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Slightly off topic but my brother and I once painted a Rover 2600 saloon as a Police car,just before we took it banger racing :evil: one local plod saw it in the yard prior to it's demise,I'm not sure he was impressed with the answer!!



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