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Couldn't resist...

Gareth Coe

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Evenin' all!


I seem to be lurking in just about every other forum, so figured it was about time I joined this one too.


I'm Gareth and I live in Colchester. The current set of toys are: 1967 Unimog from Belgium, 1980 Land Rover and 1984 Guzzi V50 - both from the Netherlands.

Lorraine and I regularly attend a few shows each year, including Beltring, Overlord, Waddo, Detling, Kemble, Newark and one or two local jobbies as well. Recognise a few people in here so I'm sure you're all a nice bunch ;-)

Some pictures of my green machines can be found here --> http://www.heidilandrover.tk


Take it easy


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Hi Gareth - and Loraine - and welcome . we've not met up yet but I hear about you frequently - I'm Phil's (he of the DAF YA & SUMB) brother .Have you been over to Shaun's to look at the Mog yet ?




No - we haven't been to look at it yet. Been meaning to ever since Phil told us about it but something else allways seems to get in the way. Perhaps you could post a picture of it in here (or would that be frowned upon, as it's not a mil spec Mog?)

How's Phil getting along in his search for a new injun for the Daf?

Will we be seeing you at Colchester Garrison this year?

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