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Replacing ***** awful modern indicators

Tony B

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The one fly in my ointment is the foul modern indicators on the front of Katy. Can anyone suggest a type of lamp or a scource that I can get something more sympathetic for the vehicle? (Don't mention the siren! That has it's own story and won't be coming off)


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My standard solution is to use another pair of the front blackout pod lights, gutted, with yellow bulbs or yellow-painted lenses.


Just to be clear, as long as they have the appropriate wattage bulb ( 21w ) you should be fine, as all the WW2 vehicles were in service on the road long before the regulations changed to give a minimum surface area for the indicator light.


If that nice traffic constable can't understand that you can always completely remove them as for strict legacy compliance they are not needed, though that would be a tad extreme ....


I normally use yellow bulbs in the lower fitting of the standard rear lights for the rear indicators too - much cleaner. If you have visibility concerns you really need a large reflective plate that is hung on the back ( and lit ? ) during motorway travel.

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I don't know if this is of any help to you, but a chap called Paul Goff does a lot of work for 6v systems in classic motorcycles, and I think he has a range of 6v LED lights systems and bulbs.




Hope this is of help.




Treid him, a really nice guy. He went out of his way to try and find some, no luck. My 12 volt Dodge is on LEDs and also has small strips of LEDs under the wings, make a lot of diffrence as you can se ethe vehicle width. It is the bulb contatiners that are the real problem there just plain pug ugly!

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Depends on your idea of ugly to some point.

Finding something that looks more in keeping could be interesting.

Have you tried a search for motorcycle indicators?

Found these rather quick and good look better in green.




With normal electrics and a proper bulb should convert to whatever voltage.

Only ever had a problem with fitting 12v bulbs in 6v bike indicators.



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When it comes to indicators or brake lights, there is one thing upper in my mind, that is being seen. Whenever I fit any of these, I will use normal road legal sized ones and fit them discreetly in that they are not spoiling the lines of the vehicle but are still prominent when working. Self preservation and getting people to see your intentions are Number One. ;)

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6 Volt LED bulbs are available here, albeit in white only. You'd need to add a BA15 housing and lens though. http://www.classicandvintagebulbs.com/page4.html


Also Halogen 6 volt headlight bulbs :)


I've not tried them yet as I have a stash of normal 6volt bulbs.


Easy enough to change lens colour. I stick the orange tape used to repair lenses behind them. As LED have virtually no heat works perfectly. The low curent requirment would be a help. The Dynamo just about copes with all the lights, but struggles at low speed or staionary with a trailer.

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