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  1. We are a traditional lot up here, nothing too new-fangled. We still pay for our paint in Groats hereabouts, and the price of Woad is shocking. 8-)
  2. I think 3/4" out would be noticeable ( I don't speak metric ... ). Let's see how the new version looks then. 8-)
  3. Great work with the rest of it, but as for the cross, if you look at the monochrome image, the centre of the cross is in the centre of the shield, and the rest of it takes care of itself. Your centre is too low on the shield which is what makes it look off.
  4. Shepherds hut and Ferguson to tow it with.
  5. The sort you get on bare electrical conductors in a motor, that brown stuff, any electrical repair place could let you have some. Basic suggestion was to coat everything inside that assembly apart from the contact areas, and smear those with vaseline or grease.
  6. Hmm, understatement or what? As regards the rings, I'd protect the contact areas, varnish the lot, clean the contact areas again and then a dab of vaseline. Your main potentials will be at the brass / copper joints.
  7. I think that was the point. The K2 wouldn't be a problem on the average airfield, and the 4 x 4s were freed up for the sharp end where four wheel drive would be much more use.
  8. I believe it was pretty much straight swap. Dodge WC54 ambulances with four wheel drive for K2s, which were just fine on airfields. One can but imagine the US drivers comments ... 🤣
  9. If you have a complete engine you are good to go Good luck
  10. Don't have anything spare here, but I'm assuming you already know: Bench seat and screen, same as contemporary US Dodge hard cab Rear body and toolbox, same as Canadian C15(A) and F15(A) If you have a D15 you should have, or be looking for, a spare Canadian 236 cu in 25" long block from a D15 or D60 as a spare, as that engine is the main part that is difficult to get.
  11. I didn't think so. I'm sure you'll find something for them to do. I asked because I have seen very similar nuts where the top bit has been slit and crimped to have the same high friction anti-loosening effect.
  12. Nyloc nuts? or are they just cut and crimped rather than Nyloc?
  13. Nice work on those nameplates. Not easy to get that good a consistent finish
  14. It reminds me of the ignition top cover for the DUKW, but it doesn't look like the DUKW style. CCKW spark plug / ignition cover for wading maybe?
  15. I'd think between them they would have connections for any of that stuff. Hope you get a result.
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