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  1. I humbly suggest that anyone that makes their own tank from scratch deserves the rank of Field Marshal, at the very least.
  2. I left two cars / batteries for the duration of the first lockdown, a Mercedes diesel and a Smart car. Both were understandably pancaked. The Smart car jump started and has been fine ever since, the Mercedes battery would hold enough charge to start for one day but no longer, so it was replaced. I bought two ten watt solar panels and left one on the dash of each car to trickle charge it when not in use. Both have been fine ever since even after standing during the second lockdown.
  3. The Warner plugs and sockets were originally intended for electric brakes, but were commonly used for basic lighting functions. Good system, just short of one circuit for what is really needed.
  4. That's what we are here for. There were a whole bunch of Ford, Chev, and Dodge civilian trucks, many from the Canadian plants, which were shipped to North Africa and the UK in that time period just for use as basic transport. Some were donated by charitable groups, some became NAFFI wagons, etc.
  5. The moulding on the side of the cab suggests '42 Ford, ordinary civilian pattern. The military equivalent was the 1GC, but they all came with provision for side mounted spare: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1071981 Five stud wheels maybe on a half ton or 3/4 ton
  6. next up on this channel - surprise Militant Fire Engine. 😁
  7. Managing well so far Paul, hope you are too. Depending on how thickly covered it is you may want to leave it for days, with a little light poking / brushing so it can get right in there. If you suddenly develop an overwhelming desire for fish and chips I'm taking no responsibility. 😁
  8. Not so much eventually, more the end of day one. That isn't designed for pumping water, the tanks probably aren't coated to resist it, and the whole mechanism that has lasted well under a layer of hydrocarbon will be wrecked. If you want to pump water - get a fire engine.
  9. I'd caution against running water in it though. Any sort of hydrocarbon should be good, whatever is cheapest - paraffin?
  10. The unusual stamped T I think is a red herring Doug. My take on it is that they didn't have a 'T' so they used a serif I and stamped it twice at 90 degrees.
  11. Any oilfield equipment place would have the casting dough and a shadowgraph to compare it.
  12. I don't like to add unrelated links, but since the topic this week seems to be threading, I thought I'd introduce you to the world threading champion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDfMI5ahbJI ... I didn't even know that was possible. ( Hit the box for subtitles if your Russian is a little rusty )
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