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New Boy on the Block!!


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Hi to Everyone, :-D

Thanks to Safariswing and Jack, I am just saying 'HI' to All, and just a brief run down on who I am!!!

I live in Gillingham, Kent, married and work as a Paramedic for Kent Ambulance Service, I am also the Happy owner of a Ferret Mk 2/4, which I take to the W& P Show and the Detling Oddessy.

I used to drive the Chieftain for Medway Queen Trust, but we have all gone for our own vehicles now, long story but basically the owner had 2 Chieftains, one was Immac. the other was a pile o Poo!... He decided that he was no longer going to run the good one but was gonna show the other!!

Well, we now run our own little gang but... do miss the old Chieftain! :cry:

Used to be in the Army, The Life Guards, worked on Chieftains and Ferrets, now I got my own!!

My wife also enjoys the old metal monsters and she can be seen in the turret at the shows... My COMMANDER in all walks o life eh!! Ha Ha!

Anyway, glad to be on board,

Hope to meet up with some of you at the shows.

All the Best to you All,

Fred & Annika 8-)



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May I welcome you too Fred.


I am glad Mrs Hferret has welcomed you......just make sure you do the washing up or she will make your life hell. Mr HFerret is having to fit a kitchen as punishment for sitting on the arm of the sofa :schocked:


Best wishes and thanks for joining us!



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Well, I'm Happy to be here!

Thanks for the welcome,Mrs Hardyferret, I though my Mrs was the Unusual one .... being into tanks n stuff!! Good to see girlies getting into this field... as for Mr Hferret.... enjoy buildin the kitchen!!! :roll:

Hope to see you at the Shows this year?

If ya see us, pop in for a chat n a DRINK!!! :evil:

All the Best,

Fred & Annika


PS Chris, the tank in the picture is the Poo one!!We worked on it best part of the week that year then managed one lap of the arena then broke down again later in the day!!

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welcome from another ungirlie girlie,we are out here but you have to look really hard.

life would be so dull without the green beasties to work on & take to shows. it is such a hard life sitting in a filed surrounded by friends with a never ending supply of beer. ahh roll on the summer


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