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  1. Hi Folks, Just wondering if anyone has a list of post-war oil to Civilian equivalents, ie OMD 75 = Castrol GTX ? I use to have a list but gave it away with my first ferret! Now gone back to another Ferret and just want to know what I need to buy! Cheers Mates Fred
  2. Hi Folks, well, to all those who Watched it on ebay and didn't want to pay a mere £3500, its now on John Browns for sale at £6000+, and it's stated as " Stunning" !! all they done is give it a paint job, new carb and bingo! I knew I had done a good job on her but shame no one believed me eh! Ah Well! Fred
  3. Hi Folks, I know this question has been asked many times before but..... anyone tell me where i can get some Avon Trackgrip 1100 x 20 , the jolly old bar grips that resemble the 1940's issue .... but at a reasonable non rip-off price ? They must still make them, but ....they don't seem to want to advertise them anywhere!! All the best folks Fred
  4. Hi Folks, A bit cheeky but..... Is there anyone out there rebuilding a Bedford QL ??....And.... they need a Brake servo!! I have one for sale it's listed in the for sale bit further down on the forum listing!! Sorry ,, Cheeky !! All the Best Fred
  5. Cheers mate, it arrived today, magic!! Thanks for your help, much appreciated, hope I can return a favour for you one day eh! All the Best Fred
  6. Cheers matey, wish i lived in the stick's, wanna move but can't afford it!
  7. Hi Adrian, Have PM'd you but just wondered if you got it? Also, do you want something toward the cost etc? Cheers Fred
  8. Hi Folks, Can anybody help! I am seeking a small piece of steel rod, it measures 4.75 m but I believe that is 3/16 imp , about 7 inches long, I have hunted around various engineering shops and even the local marine engineers, but alas, no smegging luck!! They all deal in 5m metric, but that is just too big! If anyone has a spare piece knocking about I would be very grateful, pretty please! or ... if anyone knows somewhere that sells imp (other than the US) and could put me in touch? Many thanks Fred
  9. Hi Folks, This is just a general question! But...I have been trying to sell my airportable for quite a while now, but....No taker's! What I would like to know is....what am I doing wrong!!! It's up for 4000, I paid 3500, but have since rebuilt it onto a new (Not Brand new but B.....Good condition) Chassis, done a lot of work on it all new brake bits, pipes etc...Brand new FFR tilt and tilt kit,etc....Spent quite a bit doing all this but.....No body seems interested! Any suggestions greatly appreciated! One very dissapointed landy seller!! Regards Fred
  10. Well ...as for destroying a vehicle I don't need a book for that one.... I seem to do that well enough all by myself! It just comes Naturally!!Ha Ha! Cheers Fred
  11. Oh Boy! You got me now!! Ha Ha! ...... What is DZS4A? Is that the carb? If so...What should it have? Curious now as the book that came with it, that really useless thing that they dish out to army drivers cos they aint got abrain! everything refers to " To be carriedout by a Vehicle Mechanic" that comment in the book is really useful when your up to ya neck in muck n bullets and just want to get the F... thing fixed!! ...But in that said book,it shows the Zenith Carb fitted to this vehicle! even though it says absolutely b....all about the vacuum hose! It puzled me why it is fitted to the 24v
  12. Cheers Clive, Sorry for being a bit of a plank but I have got this one up for sale and just wanted to make sure it was all correct !! Thanks again, Fred
  13. Hi Clive, er .... which bit is correct ? The bit about it being blanked off on the 24 v or .... it should be connected up again?? and if so ...Where! Sorry for being a plank but just want to be sure, Thanks Fred
  14. Hi Folks, now I'm sure I'm going to be called a total T..... ! But... I have a Landy 24V Airportable, on the carb about half way down, just above the mixture screw, is a vacuum hose, this has been blanked off with a piece of rubber hose with a screw in the end! Is this vacuum hose only used on the 12V distributer or, should it still be connected up?? If so, Where! Any help greatly appreciated, Fred
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