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Falklands War, it was Nuclear

robin craig

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This document makes for sober reading and certainly answers a question that was on the minds of many at the time.


I apologise if many of you in the UK already know about this, but those of us in the colonies didn't hear about this in the early 2000s





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At the time, virtually any RN ship with a helicopter would (or could) carry the "600lb bomb".




Indeed. And notwithstanding the obvious high profile of the FI liberation the war we were all fighting was the cold one, with russian subs being top of the Andrews List of Things To Do.

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In February 1982 BFBS Radio in Germany carried a report from the House of Commons during the Replace Polaris With Trident debate.


I think it was Lord Carrington stood up and demanded to know what, without a nuclear deterrent, HMG would do if some tinpot dictator walked into a British dependency.


Three months later all I could think was, "Tinpot dictator walks into British dependency? BA is going to get a bucket of sunshine, special delivery."

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