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  1. Im traveling back from France Poitou Charentes region next Friday 5 December to Pymouth and to Gloucester on the Wkd. Coming over in a Renault Master van empty except the wine:cool2: as a customer let me down with a load so if anyone had anything bringing back that they have bought over here on the Boncoin or other sites I can do so. You can contact me on my website in the link below either by mail or phone or a PM here http://www.domaine-les-pins.fr/ Christian
  2. Try the budget hotels F1, Ibis, campanile etc in the Caen area is where ive stayed before. Otherwise Im 5 hours south in the Vienne:D:D and 30 minutes from Oradour sur Glane http://gitelespins.webs.com/
  3. I hope this thread will stay open here, so please keep it cool! Just for an update from the area, It has all the locals talking about how the Germans have taken the matter seriously 70 years later. As one said to me only this morning while delivering near there that its a shame France could not make the same effort. but This is now becoming old news because they are more interested in the François Holland scandal today
  4. In his advert it says :I know nothing about this bike was found in my uncle's garage: at 2800 quid he knows something!:cool2:
  5. That will keep the dust down when that little helicopter buzzes the site!:-D
  6. At least I dont need to worry about booking a ferry as I live in France:D, but its still a 5 hour drive up there as im between Poitiers and Limoges:undecided:. I anyone wants to drive down as far as the Vienne 86 I will offer our Gites or camping and loads of parking. cheap to HMVF if you want to visit and we are 35 minutes north of Oradour sur Glane amongst other places worth a visit in the region. http://gitelespins.webs.com/
  7. I normaly look at buying between 10 and 50cts(euros) the photo depending on the content and condition. some of the photos are worth alot more. Christian
  8. Seen the photos Mark, you posted the same time as me!!:nut: nice but the UN landy is missing something for me:embarrassed:
  9. 00h15 in France and still waiting!? maybe its the 1 hour time difference and Ramadan, and yesterday was 14 july so photos are late:D:D:D
  10. Excellent photos:D and Ive live only 4 hours away from the place and still not visited in 20 years!:blush:
  11. That is one group of very lucky people!!:wow: Having worked in a professional Rescue team myself that could have quite easily turned into body recovery situation. Which is the reason I stopped the job because we didnt do much rescue but mainly body recovery:cry:
  12. I take it the jeep in front was marked up for all the single people to make it easier to find the ladies:-D
  13. 55AM68 rings a bell, it might have been at RAF Lyneham in the 80,s:undecided:
  14. Thats a nice photo, looks like they gave her a coat paint for the send off:D:D:D
  15. What shall I do, leave just the service number or just the name? The tags were found in IRAQ 2005 ish? I dont know any more other than they are in France at the moment not far from me! other than hand them in to the Embassy in Paris where they will get lost, So looking for info or advice please Christian
  16. I have someone who has recovered maybe what is DOG TAGS in in IRAQ for a british serviceman, maybe a RM who do i need to contact and maybe send the tags on details MOD EDIT - Details removed.
  17. Good info Ted and Tony:D so what was that BS number for the brush when they got hand painted:nut:
  18. I remember them in IRR Green and around 84/85 they got painted shiny green:-D Christian
  19. My unce was a Royal Marine and lent me one as he thought the RAF was not kitted :-D, so uncomfortable so i went and got a Berghaus roc which i still have since 1982!!:cool2:
  20. That was a good bit of kit in its time, shame i sold mine
  21. That was issued kit and when i see the price it sold for i could have been rich!!
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