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  1. That is one group of very lucky people!!:wow: Having worked in a professional Rescue team myself that could have quite easily turned into body recovery situation. Which is the reason I stopped the job because we didnt do much rescue but mainly body recovery:cry:
  2. Guess is the fuse settings and how the bombs were stocked over there;)
  3. Who owns Wells Reclamation? I can remember my Dad having deaings with a Sqn ldr Oakferry from that area in the 80,s and he was RAF Regt so maybe a connection with the Bloodhound and AA Guns. Christian
  4. Something a bit different when stuck in the mud:cool2:
  5. Rough??:wow: Union street is not far from where the photo was taken, Used to be well rough on a friday and sat night!:-D:-D
  6. Dont worry, I got lots of respect for RAF REGT I was at Uxbridge in the 80,s
  7. Oh dear!! Thats what happens when sending QCS out into the big wide world!:-D Christian
  8. The reason i ask about the CG is if you havent got one how will you get one? Christian
  9. Yep those of you were right, the CG is the french log book.
  10. Now that is a nice project, how will you get a CG for that? Good luck and look foward to seeing some restoration photos Christian
  11. Im suprised the wagon has not made it into preservation:idea: and looks like the pikeys have lifted the track around it:rofl: christian
  12. Dont know about Harriers but they do have Light:cool2:nings christan
  13. I can remember in the 80,s we even had all yellow landrovers and lorries and machinery and anything else airfield use related at Lyneham. Not all vehicles but some of them Christian
  14. When I was based at RAF lyneham in the 80,s some of the 4tonners had them and I think all the 8 tonners were fitted but we never used them. As for the 3 ton cl,s i cant remember, but i think the newer models were fitted with them. Chris
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