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Slow running


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It's been painfully slow for me too, just flagged it up in the Office.


I'm on BT Infinity with speeds of...



Using IE all other websites are fine but HMVF Pages take ages to load in IE but have switched to Firefox & they are instant.

Will get Joris to look into it... maybe Jafound the keys to the engine room again:argh:

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Lee you jammy so & so that is so unfair on us who struggle to get above 1.9 down with an upload about the same as dial up!


It did squeeze up to nearly 3.0 mbs then after 2 weeks of connection there was a short drop in connection & I am put at the bottom of the class again & my S/N ratio back up to 12 db or more & my line configured to 2.0 mbs max. So unfair! Anyway engineer calls tomorrow so we'll see.


It'll be decades before fibre optic get round here. As it was the main fibre optic trunk route was severed some months ago as thieves stole what they thought was a long run on copper cables but was actually mainly glass :nut:

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Hi Joris, I am using IE8. For at least 3 days the forums have been almost unusable, pages do not display correctly with info scattered all over the screen. I managed one post but it took so long I gave up. It is still bad today.....

I look forward to comfortable browsing soon!

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Never use IE prefer Firefox, forum has been very slow and buggy lately, so I tried Chrome, instantly it was faster...but only for a while then it went slow again, typing this using Safari, it is very slow using this browser as well.


Tried it on a mates PC the other day, he has a slow connection and this forum had become almost unusable for him, installed Chrome for him and it then speeded up to as fast as he had ever had it, so he was pleased, don't know if it still is though.


Other forums I visit using vBulletin are fine.


This is my second try at posting this, waited 3 mins for it to appear, it never did, maybe you where tweeking things at the time Joris..


PS. counted and this post took around 40 seconds to appear here.

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What's very odd is that it's been very fast this morning for me, even when using IE. I'm working on it but can't give it my full attention, should be working atm :)

2 minutes to load new post & page not formatted correctly..


Page loads like this...


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