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  1. had a good day out met up with rosie,cubed and woa2 lots of vehicles there all in all a great day out, oh and went to unload the cent we find the b&*£%$y track tensioner has broken so safer to leave it loaded until we return to base, ps any wereabouts of a cent track tensioner would be greatly appreciated
  2. correct paper sticker with no on also has it just been cast from batus
  3. hi robin the correct part no for lhd is nrc9729 and from memory there is a difference in them lhd being canted out more as it runs close to diff housing
  4. update she is now finished winch refitted,new load sensor and cutout fitted,spade and fairleads all working mk2 fuel injection and electronic ignition fitted all thats left to do is load test the winch to get it certified i will post some pics up when i have more time
  5. make your self a sanding board i use an old mirror as its totaly flat stick a full size sheet of 180 or 200 grit wet and dry on as you will be doing a lot of sanding and fine fetling also handy if you have a scale drawing of said vehicle to work off
  6. hi and welcome to the forum we run a similar collection here in uk
  7. a few pics had a loverly time there weather was good and the company
  8. hi matey what gearbox is fitted and the engine will be fine with sae 30
  9. its exactly the same as civy chassis PART NO ANR2056/STC86501UPTO 1998
  10. the museum near london you refer to is the royal engineers museum the reme museum is based in berkshire they would have all the documentation about them a member on here works there woa2,i also work at the museum but on mech side i will try and find out about them as i know a few rechy mechs from that era enquiries@rememuseum.org.uk http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/
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