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BATUS vehicles heading west to Withams

robin craig

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As reported elsewhere, usually BATUS vehicles returning to the UK travel by train and then ship.This year items are moving by road.Spotted this week on Monday, locally to me were these two Land Rover 90s. They are in the typical "CAST" yard condition that anyone who has ever been to BATUS knows only too well. What is even more interesting is typically these vehicles and other like Bedfords in similar condition have been sold off in Canada.It boggles my mind that a bean counter has determined that these are worth shipping all the way back to the UK to be sold at Withams. I'm sure that they wont fetch anywhere near the costs incurred to get them there.This adds fuel to the fire that the UK MOD has been asked or told not to sell vehicles off in Canada anymore. This news came to light recently on Maple Leaf Up forum in connection to the fate of Canada's MLVW fleet which are being cut up for scrap rather than being released.Robin

LR 90 front1.jpg

LR 90 front2.jpg

LR 90 rear.jpg

lr 90 rear3.jpg

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It does sound odd. I wonder if it is some type of agreement made at the govt level at the beginning


I understand that the Disposal Services Authority are disposing of surplus "locally" where possible, in order to get the best returns. I would think that could depend on what the surplus consists of and local regulations, but did hear of a load of Bedford MJ trucks that were used at the British Army training base in Kenya, were sold off out there.

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Erm shouldn't they be heading EAST to Withams...?


I suppose they could be rail freighted EAST and then ship loaded, however would not rail freight to Vancouver be best , then SOUTH to Panama before going EAST . I suppose it depends on what RFA vessels are around & where they are tramping next - possibly WEST , there will be no £ accounting on a back-load if there is plenty of hold/deck space..

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Having done a couple of 'Tours' at B.A.T.U.S myself in the past, I wouldnt touch one of these vehicles!

They will be Shag*d out with the amount of work they have done over there!

The Training area on which they deploy is a VERY Harsh enviroment, with dust like grinding paste getting into EVERYTHING! Also, the Constant Battering they get driving over VERY rough terrain does little to help this!


I recall, it was the first time in my life I have ever seen Series three LWB Landrovers with MULTIPLE Welding lines & Patches to their chassis! They split here & there due to the stresses imposed by these conditions!


Nope, Wouldnt Touch ONE of 'Em myself!.................

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Having seen many ex BATUS pieces of kit I agree with Ferretkit about their condition.


What he doesn't appreciate is that in civvy market place in the early 1970s Land Rover turned off the lights, shut the door and walked away from North America. It was only in the late 80s that they came back into the fold and set up shop again.


There are many ex BATUS series trucks around in whole or part form that orginated a BATUS or from Wainright.


I was one of a number of lucky winners in a tender sale of ex Wainright series leaf sprung vehicles when the last of them were sold off as the coil sprung fleet was introduced.


Even today the utility "Land Rover" or Defender product is not sold into North America. There was a brief period when NAS spec 90 and 110 were sold in limited quantities.The availabilty of coil sprung vehicles is NIL unless imported from overseas.


Now, on another note, no one has spotted something in one of the original pictures that would raise a question.



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Are you on about that nice looking trailer? Like it do you know what it is?




Yes , me too - but then I considered the trailer was to obvious as the "spotted thingie" clue , there was me still searching the Rover pics, and coming to the conclusion - possibly there may be something strange..

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