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The First Official Post War British Armoured Convoy

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On the Thursday evening we held the first Post War British Armoured Convoy around the site. I approached Malcolm Dunlop early Thursday afternoon & he thought it was a great idea but said it would be best to do it that evening, that gave me about 5 hours to arrange things with the marshalls & to go round contacting MV owners..


It was a great success with about 20 British PW Armoured vehicles taking part, we would probably had more if it wasn't for the heavy rain just before. Unfortunately we lost some of the convoy when one of the vehicles had a breakdown in the narrowest part blocking the path of the following vehicles. Next year we plan on taking something with us to recover any MV that has a problem.


Spoke to Rex the following day & he was impressed with the turn out,this will be an advertised evening event for next year & is limited to British Post War Armour only, with the exception of two Land Rover's/Champs as lead & rear vehicles.


Vehicles taking part this year include Ferret's, Fox, CVR(T)'s, Saracen, Pig, FV432.. & two Champs as escort vehicles.


Anyone wishing to take part please let me know, we limited the maximum vehicle size to FV432 this year but with more planning we hope to include larger vehicles.


Sorry but anything other than British Post War Armour trying to join the convoy will be blocked by the marshalls.

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From where I was standing, in the Living History Field with a pint of Spitfire in hand, a really impresive convoy and long overdue. I didn't know it was on, which made it even more impressive!


Thanks for organising it and let's hope it's included next year!

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was great fun will be in next year!!!!!!!!!


It was only when I took part that I realised that the Medway field had a chicane on the back straight well thats what it seemed like following you Saracens :-D:-D:-D

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