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  1. Hi richard thanks for that, there is no evidence of oil in the drums which is a relief. I will get the hub seals from Richard Banister as he has them in stock. regards mick
  2. Hi, my two front wheel stations are a little leaky...not enough to be a real issue but may as well get them sorted. They are leaking onto the inside of the tyres. Brake drums are dry as a bone inside. I will check the levels at the weekend to see if I can gauge which is leaking. Which seals would you suspect, or is it impossible to say? Are they technically easy(ish) to do, and should I just do them all, including the bevel seals whilst I am at it? Many Thanks, Mick
  3. Hi Richard you are correct, only the last half(ish) if the nut is threaded, but even with the longer (tapered) thread inside the block, the shorter thread does still protrude through the nut. I have used the thread sealer that Chris recommended, so hopefully that should help with rust. The old studs came out very easy (in fact two were loose. I may just bite the bullet and take them out again...these things come back to bite you in the end. Many Thanks Mick
  4. Bugger!!! Richard, will it be a problem if its the other way around? I assumed it was the other way around and cracked on and did it all earlier Thanks, Mick
  5. Just putting it all back together. The studs have a small taper at the end, I assume the taper goes into the head and maybe helps with sealing as the coolant system is open to the studs? When I took the old ones out some were taper in, some were taper out. thanks mick
  6. Thanks Chris....thats good enough for me 👍 I got the Permatex, so will do that first on the studs and run up to temp with clean water to check for leaks, then refill with Prestone. Cheers Mick
  7. Hi John, Thanks for that. it says on the packaging that it silicate and phosphate free...and can be mixed with any other antifreeze. I am totally refilling, so I guess it should be ok? Cheers Mick
  8. Costco are currently selling Prestone coolant/antifreeze concentrate for about £10 for 4ltr It says its a silicate and phosphate free formula. Is it the silicates in OAT that screw up old engines? If thats the case, is this version of Prestone OK to use in a Ferret, or do I go the safe route and get a glycol antifreeze? Many Thanks, Mick
  9. Thanks Chris, was thinking of using clear silicon but this looks a much better option!!
  10. Thanks Chris, that is music to my ears and made me a very happy man!!!
  11. Hi i have recently replaced the manifolds on a ferret b60. When I removed the studs from the head, quite a bit of water (coolant) drained out. Are the stud holes open to the coolant system, or is there something to worry about? Could/should I use some sort of sealant on the studs/holes? I fitted all new studs, all threads are in good nick, and I have never noticed any coolant loss before ( I have yet to start it up after replacing studs and manifold. cheers, Mick
  12. If you open the image in another tab it uses the image in photo bucket which seems clear
  13. I thought the RFC shroud was made of hard rubber mat so would not be as vulnerable as you think.....I may be wrong though.
  14. It arrived three hours early, so missed it coming in. Was pretty impressive all the same with a huge, how can I explain it.....pallet trolly to move it the final few hundred yards into the site.
  15. There are some very tight turns and a tiny roundabout to negotiate in New Haw....could that be the reason for using such a beast?
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