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  1. A toastie warm Friday & Saturday, spent at The Tank Museum. Along with the usual exhibits, guest appearances from the newly restored Ha-Go, the Panther Ausf A from Saumur, the Weald's Jagdpanther (Steering brakes playing up, so did a lap of the arena only) & one of their Stugs (Went tech, I suspect, so didn't run), plus the newly restored Matilda II from the museum's collection (Which was also playing up in the heat) & the newly loaned Churchill MkIII..
  2. Took the Impala and small uniform display up to Ryhope again, small show, freindly folk, wonderful! (pity the weather on the Sunday was a bit damp!) Anyway folks, enjoy Mark
  3. Was invited down to Hereford with the Impala and display for the Light Infantry Museum open day on the Heritage Saturday, small turnout, but well attended by the public. Enjoy Mark
  4. Took the Impala and a small uniform display down to RAF Bentwaters Cold War Museum for their Anglo-American day, was well worth the 4am start from Stoke on Trent!
  5. Here are my photos from today’s event - nice weather, nice people and nice vehicles plus decent catering - looking forward to next year ! Iain
  6. Just got back from a few days up in the Yorkshire Dales visiting the in laws and having a wander round the hills. First day there just happened to co-inside with the forties weekend at Grassington. Excellent little show, the whole village gets into the spirit of it, dressing up the shops and themselves. Camera got a thorough work out. Mostly American stuff, never seen so many jeeps in one place!! Couple of tidy British wagons, and a very nice BMW bike and side car for the other side Highlight of the day was hearing an unmistakable noise, and everybody rushing outside to see this
  7. Replacement for the much missed DLI Museum event, not many vehicles, but very friendly atnosphere, and the locals tended to ask inteligent questions rather than stupid/silly ones!! Enjoy Mark
  8. I've just been on a tour of the USN patrol boat P22 at Southampton Boat Show: http://www.p22.org.uk/ She's apparently in the Dunkirk film pretending to be an RN admiral's barge: They like doing reenactment and would be grateful to make contact with anyone in the Sandwich area of Kent with suitable vehicles/uniforms etc. Andy
  9. As the title suggests, show is mainly steam traction and farmers on tractors, but the classic commercial vehicle section is a reasonable turn out and the MV section grows every year. Camera doing overtime. Bedford Jeeps Bedford Another Bedford Richard Farrants' Bedford Hillman?? Dodge Chevy? Scammell Morris Searchlight. This was being used on Saturday night. The beam is incredible Lamp is mounted on the back of this. TSM on the radiator, is that Tilling Stevens? American something? 432 Saracen And a couple of Ex greens. Dark red appears to be popular
  10. For this year the North Oxfordshire and Cotswolds Area of the MVT had their annual road run to Springhill Lodge camp which is I understand an ex POW camp and then ex DP camp, followed by a visit to Northwick Park which is an ex military hospital and DP camp. Both sites were quite remarkable to see and in varying states of preservation We had about 20 vehicles on the run this year which was far easier to manage than the normal 40 to 50. The weather was great, but the heavens opened when we arrived at our lunch stop and it stopped just as we got ready to leave. The Lord moves in mysterious ways. It was a great day out. Here are some photos in no particular order. One of the DPs refused resettlement and still lived here until 1985
  11. For those that couldn't make it I thought I would start a new thread of what caught my eye there: I will add to this as I upload the photos.
  12. Many thanks to Stu, his team, and all those who brought vehicles, weaponry, kit etc. An innovation this year was 'tank rides' - in a Scorpion and an APC. It was a splendid weekend; the weather was great too. (The dust raised by the vehicles was not so great...) A few photos here of British and Soviet armour. John.
  13. We attended as a family yesterday, for the second time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. A short video for now, then images later this afternoon.
  14. Dear All I had a pleasant afternoon at this year's show a mile or so from my home - I think a few less vehicles than last time I was able to attend, but still well worth it. I do wish the event had more publicity - it takes place on the 1st May Bank Holiday Monday every year at the Mid Suffolk Light Railway at Wethringsett Station. The event features the steam railway (of course), lots of people who make the effort to dress in correct 1940s fashions beside the military re-enactors, vehicles and displays of US and UK equipment including practical demonstrations Photos follow .. Iain
  15. Watched the 4 episodes of this on Netlfix, set in Latvia , 4 amateurs excavate German and Soviet battlefield sites from the front that eventually resulted in the Kurland pocket. It's not really archeology in the true sense of the word, However I learned a lot about that part of the war I didn't know, especially in episode 4, ( and maybe a lot of people didn't know ) About the killing of German settlers in reprisal attacks. however, this scathing article and it's criticisms are also true. http://thepipeline.info/blog/2016/01/10/review-battlefield-recovery-clearstory-productions-for-channel-5/ Anyone else see this, what do you think or feel about the show?
  16. Hi All Well our 29th Summer Rally in Weare, New Hampshire, USA is now in the books with a very good turn out for the week. We never got all the MVs to stand still during the 3 days of the show so a total definitive vehicle count is hard at one point in time we had 118 Military Vehicles on the field in one 18 minute period. But with trail and road rides taking 10-20 vehicles at a time some people have estimated that the total count was 150+/-. Show had more of an international feel this year with FOUR CMPs attending the show, with Bob C. bringing his Pattern 11 C15A down to the show. This year the number of LARGE US military trucks was up with one group arriving in convoy Something went wrong... That fails to load try Photo below will give you and idea of the show. For more photos and some links to videos visit the MVMVC web site photo page http://mvmvc.org/photos/ Cheers Phil
  17. Popped along to this small show today as I'd never heard of it until this morning. Nice setting of an old furnace next to a canal & surrounded by woodland. Plenty of smart steam & traction engines, tractors, cars & a few MVs as below. My take the Militant along next year.
  18. Morning folks, not a military event, but there was a small selection of ex Military there, I took my Dodge Ram, sporting the temporary roll bar and non working light bar. Enjoy Mark
  19. I was lucky enough to be invite to assist the Cold War Collection and their 3 vehicles that were being used as part of the attractions on the ground. The collection has 15 vehicle currently and I was involved with brokering the V100 deal recently. The CVR(T) Scorpion is ex Belgian and the Pinzgauer ex Austrian. The 1969 Cadillac Gage V100 Commando is powered by a petrol V8 engine at the rear and originally fitted with chevron pattern tires that propelled it in water when swimming. The vehicle came to Canada a while ago and was restored by someone along the way. The aircraft shown are different in that they are all privately owned.
  20. Here are a few pictures from the Shuttleworth Collection's 1940's day, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the flying or dancing but these are some of the vehicles and re-enactors who came along, thanks for all of you who attended Steve
  21. A video tour for now, will post images & text tomorrow. now with better video link below
  22. OK, I can work out that after the first decade of it's life it basically just got freighted back and forth between Canada and the UK for upgrades and parking. I guess what I wonder about is what it might have done in those first formative years before the MCT upgrade. Anything jump out at folks that I should look into? User ID Date Comments qmgcs 17/04/78 LUDGERSHALL qmgcs 31/10/78 LANCERS qmgcs 08/11/80 2 RTR qmgcs 19/01/84 9/12 LANCERS qmgcs 25/11/86 ODA qmgcs 07/04/87 CODE CHANGE 0854 7500 TO 0856 3000 qmgcs CODE FROM 0856 3000 TO 3001 AUTH DE/DGES/A/422 14 11 ES 41C(1) 30/9/94 H41 qmgcs ASSET CODE CHANGED TO GA08593002 AUTHY ______ 07/05/96 BATCH NO K29 qmgcs002 01/03/06 CODE CHANGE TO GA08599099, SEE BATCH W95 qmgcs012 01/09/08 A/C GA08598099 AUTHY LAS IPT 253 RERERS IV No. IV Date UIN Unit Title RV No. RV Date CB993c DSG PLANNED REPAIR R&I BLDG C34 400190 14/03/87 A0501A 1 G C 3308 26/03/87 000499 11/12/90 CA211C COMPOSITE SUP SQN, REGT TECH OPS 0000780 29/01/91 CWL555 17/12/91 A0501A 1 G G 5555^96 17/12/91 CWL555 16/09/92 A0504A 1CG 5555@75 16/09/92 CAPITA 06/05/93 CA015A VEHICLE DEPOT LUDGERSHALL LO66838 07/05/93 670B 10/02/94 A2033K ABRO DONNINGTON PLANNED REPAIR APP8072 14/02/94 91/94 29/06/94 CA015A VEHICLE DEPOT LUDGERSHALL 1126BB 18/07/94 2147B 03/11/94 CA320C 105 LOG SP SQN RLC VEH TP 0269 17/01/95 0218 18/01/95 A2971A BATUS QM(T) 1564H05 03/02/95 0203 25/06/95 CA320C 105 LOG SP SQN RLC VEH TP 0256H35 25/08/95 0001HT 25/07/96 A2971A BATUS QM(T) 0053H/T 08/08/96 0082 15/11/96 A2033K ABRO DONNINGTON PLANNED REPAIR 999L1 15/11/96 00705A 14/10/97 CA005A LSCS ASHCHURCH 29473AA 15/10/97 34309A 23/10/97 A2971A BATUS QM(T) 0179 05/12/97 096 10/10/00 A2033K ABRO DONNINGTON PLANNED REPAIR 999 23/11/00 401A 27/09/01 CA005A JSCS ASHCHURCH 50568AA 03/10/01 57106A 05/02/02 A2971A BATUS QM(T) 039 22/04/02 047 25/11/03 CA005A JSCS ASHCHURCH 59170AA 12/01/04 64649A 02/02/04 A2033K ABRO DONNINGTON PLANNED REPAIR 999 02/03/04 163A 23/06/04 CA005A JSCS ASHCHURCH 61465AA 24/06/04 66300A 21/07/04 A2971A BATUS QM(T) 264 03/09/04 110258 22/11/07 CB993C DSG PLANNED REPAIR R&I BLDG C34 4318 27/02/08 376 26/01/10 CA005A JSCS ASHCHURCH 91529AA 27/01/10 105055 08/03/11 A2971A BATUS QM(T) 282992 19/08/11 49799 17/10/12 CA005A JSCS ASHCHURCH 5583AA 27/02/13
  23. It is again time for the annual HMKF event at Trandum. Theme for this year was overseas operations such as the Normash at Korea. MASH you all know from the TV series and NOR from Norway. This was the contribution to the UN forces in Korea, hospital and crew. Also several vehicles from the Wehrmacht factory and Wehrmacht re-enactors. To top it all a lot of Marshall Aid Equipment. Normash: Marty
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