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  1. Thanks Bob! That looks like a VERY nice Lightweight you have there - nice to see the detailing done so well!
  2. Thanks Dave! I may well give them a try - I've also got another mate on the trail of these batteries at the best price!
  3. Thanks for all of your help guys! It looks like to best option is the Yuasa YBX 3075; they fit (243L 175W 175H), they are 60Ah and seem a good price @ £47.50 on Ebay! Thanks again!
  4. I need to buy two new batteries for my 1980 Land Rover Lightweight 24v - the batteries sit between the front seats under the standard metal cover. The User Handbook says the correct type is a Lucas GV9A (44ah) and many people seem to be saying the Lucas 072 is OK. The current (dead) batteries are 118mm high and it seems the Lucas 072 is 261mm high - is this too high for the metal or are the current battteries too small?! As ever, all help gratefuly received!
  5. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions chaps! Voltage tester purchased today and I'll be checking out all of your suggestions in the next couple of weeks - fingers crossed!
  6. I'm hoping that HMVF members can help me solve a problem with the headlights on my 1942 GMC CCKW 353 B2. It's been very well restored (not by me!) and I'd like to keep it as original as possible - it's still 6 volt, for example. Recently, one of the sealed beam headlight units 'died' and it seems they're not easily available any more. Rex Ward was kind enough to suggest changing to the easily available Lucas LUB322 light unit and LLB423 light bulb and with a bit of fettling they fitted perfectly, are brighter and still look right! Sadly, in the middle of my celebrations, one stopped worknig and then the second one did the same. I've refitted the one good sealed beam unit and this doesn't work, so I'm thinking fuse / circuit breaker, but where is it? Do I have to take the instrument panel out to get at it? (I hope not!) Any helpful ideas gratefully received!
  7. Fantastic! It's like finding the Holy Grail as I've never seen any other photos of Falklands CVRTs showing the VRM. Thanks so much for sharing them!
  8. I've got quite a few bits and pieces - probably everything you need! PM me your location and what you're looking for
  9. That's brilliant - thanks for all your help chaps - HMVF wins again!
  10. I have a 1980 Land Rover Lightweight FFR (24v) and I'm pretty sure the generator bearing is on the way out! Are these available as a seperate item or am I going to need a new generator? Any help appreciated and if anyone has the relevant EMER pages they could copy for me, I'd be happy to cover your costs!
  11. That's an unusal surname so if you know where he lived in WW2 and afterwards (the Police LS&GC medal was instituted in 1951), try the local Police force and they might be able to help. The Essex Police Museum is brilliant for helping with service records and research - hopefully your local force will be too!
  12. Exactly the same markings and date as my magazine Chris but needless to say, I don't have a L9A1 in my collection - you lucky, lucky, fellow! I'd given up waiting for the British Army Brownings to be released - with my luck, there'll be a flood of them on the market now!
  13. It is an FN made Browning Richard - thanks very much indeed!
  14. I have a magazine for a 9mm Browning pistol which has the NSN of 1005 - 13 - 010 - 0319 on it. I know 99 is the NATO code for the British Army but whose code is 13? Any help appreciated!
  15. Martyn, 4 Base Workshops, REME, appears to have been at Bad Oeynhausen in Germnay in the 50s - not much else on the web though!
  16. Yes, a brilliant show (beer tent, flying display, stalls & military vehicles!) - well done and thanks to the organisers! Defo one for next year!
  17. Please see the attached translation of your Ferret's Vehicle History Cards - a long and interesting history! 01 DA 04.doc
  18. Ah! That explains why the recent FOI Act requests I've seen have all been in this format - I don't find it as easy to use as the Merlin reports but they do at least have the same info!
  19. It looks like your Ambulance spent it's service life with TA units in Northern Ireland so I'd be suprised if it went abroad at any time. I think the units still exist so you could find their address on the internet and write to them! The RLC Musuem at Deepcut now has Vehicle History Cards available on line (for £35!) - these would cover your Land Rover's early years and there may possibly be more info that wasn't transferred to the Merlin system
  20. 211 AMB SQN RCT = part of 152 (Ulster) Ambulance Regiment, Royal Corps of Transport (Volunteer), based in Londonderry 40 SIG REGT = 40 (Ulster) Signal Regiment, Royal Corps of Signals (Volunteer), HQ in Belfast MVSL = Military Vehicle Spares Limited, Lichfield, Staffordshire Hope this helps!
  21. Just wondering if there are any HMVF scaffholding experts - how easy / expensive would it be to erect a tiered viewing area for the arena?
  22. If you put the ERM (Army reg no!), 23 KE 63, into www.rlcarchive.org and pay £35, you will be able to get the history of your trailer or obtain the later (Merlin) history for free by making a Freedom of Information Act request to the MOD via CIO-FIO@mod.uk. I'll help you translate whatever you end up with!
  23. I know someone who has one - Essex / Suffolk border though!
  24. Once again, thanks very much! - each time I ask a question I learn so much more than I intended!
  25. And another question from me! Where / how does the jack handle fit for storage? - I thought it was under the bonnet with the starting handle but I can't see how it fits (perhaps I've got the wrong jack handle!). What does the correct jack for a 1980 Lightweight look like?
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