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  1. As a non owner of Land Rovers it looks just like every other one so I'd only be guessing but I'm going to have a go Helicopters starting? Ex RAF or AAC
  2. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/nazis-who-murdered-great-escapers-3269861
  3. When the vehicle is presented for its MOT that is the point that you have to pass the exemption form to the examiner. So I was told by VOSA. The former Chairman of the MVT Preston Isaacs was fined £250 because he didn't exempt the vehicle at the time of the MOT. Tony whatever you do get in writing from VOSA if you can
  4. Saw him just yesterday best not too try and contact him during dinner
  5. You know we are going to ask for a picture don't you? You can't tease us with that line prototype... a link to a picture would do
  6. No politics is the way to go and as much as I would like to lay claim to this its actually being sorted by a group of guys that I know. I just thought that I would help with the publicity :-D
  7. Pennine Military Weekend 26th to 27th July 2014. The newest military vehicle and re-enactment show in the Pennines. Two fantastic adjoining venues nestled in the picturesque hamlet of St Chads catering for both 1st and 2nd World War enthusiasts and Post War military re-enactors. St Chads is situated in between Oldham and Marsden, 1 mile outside of the village of Uppermill, Post Code OL3 6LW. Free event for the public and military vehicle owners. Wartime and Post war welcome [ATTACH]88478[/ATTACH] I have copied and pasted the form directly onto the page I would have liked to have up
  8. Bloody hell don't let the bastartds grind ya down and certainly don't let them win! Modifications none is the answer its a standard tractor as supplied by the company. I think the answer is to provide them with short and concise information and nothing but facts no suggestive or suggestions should be implied when dealing with them.
  9. I was There on BBC2 tonight at 21:00 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03y76xl
  10. I remember a First World War veteran talking on TV about his experiences of living in the trenches and seeing dead bodies: shattered limbs, skulls in trench walls, fingers or hands being used as coat hangers, walking on bodies to him it became the norm something to endure till he went home to his family. Most of the things that he said have now passed from my memory circa 1980 but certain things did stay and took all the fun out of war. I suspect that most of the things that he said then would never see the light of day on TV now. Pity though, sometimes the gruesome bits need to be shown or he
  11. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/world-history/never-before-seen-personal-accounts-of-great-war-offer-vivid-picture-of-life-at-the-front-9188029.html
  12. Loads still in use I was out in mine today. A lot have gone abroad to some of what would be considered third world countries as they are a basic vehicle no ecu's drum brakes chunky tyres perfect for off road use and rough roads.
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