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  1. As a non owner of Land Rovers it looks just like every other one so I'd only be guessing but I'm going to have a go Helicopters starting? Ex RAF or AAC
  2. £500 to £700 of radio and kit you did very well
  3. See and drive it if you get chance its a cracking piece of kit
  4. Most parts eventually appear not in the order that you would want them or when you have the pennies but they do come up its just a case of waiting.
  5. Pete that stuff is absolute rot gut why don't you offer your services in the for sale and wanted section on HMVF.
  6. Nowt wrong with MGB's as long as you fit a noise pipe that everyone can hear from miles around, you could always go German or Italian Porshe or Lamborghini
  7. Good luck its one of the hardest restorations that I have seen
  8. All those parts take up a heck of a lot of space
  9. Top notch thats looking a heck of a lot better than when you started
  10. Comet and Cromwell next to each other that should be good to see
  11. Bit late on this one (June)! I had been meaning to load this up at the time but I switched memory cards Picture taken in Manchester town centre in Piccadilly Gardens.
  12. I don't think that the truck approaching the ramp was under power hence the speed but the handbrake being off didn't help (or whatever).
  13. If the speed had been lowered on the approach they might have not moved the trailer forward causing the ramps to move upwards. Nicked this off facebook the seven P's Prior planning and preparation prevents p1ss poor performance!
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