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A lot of ww2 pictures of vehicles.

Niels v

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7000 you say !! , Oh my I hope I can get through the lot of them before the winter storms that are coming later this month that could threaten to cut me off from the rest of the world ! believe me a day or two off work is ok its the not getting the Super Market for 3 or 4 days thats BAD.

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I found a Loyd Carrier, well the back of one pulling a German marked Universal Carrier!



Looks as though an attempt is being made to short track to over come the loss of the idler.


With regard to the Mk4/5 barrel on the 6pdr this is something that was mentioned in books to maximise production but I've never seen a photo of Mk4/5 with counterweight on a field carriage -the shorter barrel Mk2/3 is quite common to see a counter weight in preference to the twin holed tubular blast deflector.



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I spent five hours looking at these photos last night! Now I've got a stiff neck, but it was worth it. There's something for everybody - get yourself a beer, take your time and you'll find:


Morris C9/B SP Bofors (my own favourite for obvious reasons)

Schwimmwagen in Polish Military Police markings

Scammell Pioneers, both gun tractors and recovery

Steyr 1500s

Archer 17 pdr SPs - the best pics I've seen of these




Canadian stuff

More pictures of an M31 recovery vehicle, as mentioned above in this thread, but upside down! Ace detail for modellers

Diamond Ts

Radio gear

REME workshops

Auster AOPs

Morrises, Austins, Jeeps etc etc.


What else is in the Sikorski archives? There's all of NW Europe still to go. I wonder how an Italian website found the photos but I'm glad that they did.

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WOW! ...For Hours!

Can anyone enlighten the masses on the era and locations of these photos? I am especially interested because we are restoring am early Sexton and there are some pix in here of such vehicles. Link 57 and 62 thus far. (I'm only up to link 88! )

Our Hull # is 130. It is a Sexton II but has a riveted lower hull.




Sexton#130-0300 1.jpg

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WOW! ...For Hours!

Can anyone enlighten the masses on the era and locations of these photos?


Regione Marche is on the east coast of Italy. To get technical, if you look at a map it's about three quarters of the way up on the right...


As to era, somebody else will have an exact answer but I'd say it will be very late 1944 and 1945. There are only a few of what you might call "action" photos so I'd guess the majority might be just post-war.

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