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  1. I'll have 6 off 9.00x16s for the Morris CDSW.
  2. I've read that the military wanted them as a cheaper variant of the 4x4 which was intended for use on roads only, such as on bases, but allowing commonality of parts with the standard vehicles. They were used mainly by Military Police and REME units who weren't normally needing 4x4. If other military contracts are anything to go by, I wouldn't be surprised if Rover's charged the MoD MORE for replacing the front axle drive system with a bit of tube and a blanking plate!
  3. It's more than seven years since this thread started and today we've just finished the restoration of 19CL08, Rover Mark 6 4x2. What next? 101? 1950 RAF Series 1? 1968 Lightweight? The list goes on. Whatever is next, it's not going to take 7 years!
  4. Could that be RAF Blue/grey under the Deep Bronze Green? Best seen on the close-up of the data plate.
  5. Buying one of these has saved me countless knuckles and swearing.... http://www.frost.co.uk/brake-shoe-spring-hook-tool.html
  6. What's the Manx registered motor that's in the background?
  7. There are regular flights from Gloucester and Bristol!
  8. FHC is the axle type, followed by the axle serial number. The FHC axle is fitted to the CS8 Mk3, C4 and late CDSW.
  9. I'm going by what it says in the book. However if what you say is right, it could be that there's a typo as the list refers to several "Truck 15cwt 4x2 W/Tk model MW" which are obviously water tanker trucks. There's only one reference to a single W/T truck and it is probably just a missing letter "k" . As the song goes - "What a Difference a K Makes......"
  10. According to the "B Vehicle WD Numbers" book contract no T8102 included these GS vehicles: Z4144914 to Z4144919 Z4144921 Z4144923 to Z4144937 Z4144939 to Z4144942 Z4144944 to Z4144955 Z4144958 to Z4144959 Z4144961 to Z4146413 (although this final batch included a mix of all body types as I've listed below) These GS trucks were part of a contract for a batch of 1499 of various body types (GS, anti-tank portee, water tanker and wireless) which started at Z4144914 and ran consecutively through to Z4146413.
  11. Hi Tom, Have a look on the Land Rover Series One Club Forum, www.lrsoc.com/forum . The guys on there will tell you everything you want to know about your Minerva. I've restored Series 1s for many years so I can probably help with questions about the mechanical parts. Your cats look like one of ours who was killed by a car last week. We're in mourning.
  12. I wish they were all that easy! :-D
  13. I don't think there will be a Key Card for this machine because it was demobbed in 1946 before the new numbering system was introduced.
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