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  1. But track is alot more useful than rocking horse s***
  2. The Manual for the Churchill mentions the steering being reversed in reverse mode and advises it is like moving a bycycle in reverse and advises the following to avoid steering incorrectly, Forward motion -pull the tiller arm (handle bar) right side backward to steer right and pull the left handle bar grip backward to turn left. Reverse motion push right hand tiller arm forward to turn right and push the left hand tiller bar handle forward to turn left. The max speed of a Churchill in reverse at nominal (350BHP) at 2,200 r.p.m was only 1.3 m.p.h so the idea that it reverts at higher spee
  3. Normally a medical syndrome particularly those relating to deminished mental capacity are eponymous to the researcher/doctor who first defined the condition and not named for the person suffering from the problem. So the condition defined as excessive euphoria and out of control spending on rusty AFVs should perhaps be called Wedlock's syndrome -on the other hand as Rick also seems to be suffering from the condition perhaps I should name it -giving it the mandatory cute east-european name -I think Stefan's syndrome might be better:-D:cool2:.
  4. I think these convoys park up at Albermarle barracks in Northumberland -a few miles west of Newcastle on their way to the submarine base at loch long
  5. Got it in the first instance:cool2: Ok so can we indict his parents for having produced the moron in the first place -surely an offence of "aiding and abetting";) really stretching the point now:-D Steve
  6. So the offence would come under construction and use then:???
  7. I suspect the Police desk officer will have explained the situation -without the F word:-D. Problem is the 1980s is at least 20years ago as I told my mates wife -who became very impatient with elderly drivers shortly after she had passed her test- (you,ve heard the insults -ol' git, flat cap old f*** etc) think about your father being on the receiving end of that lack of consideration. Yep I know you're talking about me:nut: but at least I neither use or believe the "just for men" adverts :rolleyes::-D Steve
  8. Any steel smelted prior to 15-7-1945 is comparatively none radioactive sitting under scapa flow would make little difference -its all slightly radioactive, it is the processing of steel in particular by forcing huge quantities of air through it that builds up the radioactive levels, a major reason why the scapa scrap is valuable is its nickel/chrome and other alloy content. Of interest one of the battlecruisers -either Von Der Tann or Derrflinger was raised just prior to WW2 and remained on the surface upside down with a fouled keel looking like a small green island for the rest of the war
  9. I changed computers a few days after the last time I uploaded photos and for some reason the new computer won't allow me to upload- so t's back to the old one (700mhz cpu for those with a computer bent) for one last hurrar. Ferret 1 at ATGW1 mobile target range Wilkwood AT range Redesdale Impact Area Ferret near Ridless CQB Most of the Ferrets are(were these photos were taken in 2000 and I have not been on OTA since late 2002) on the West side of the Ridesdale impact area in the vicinity of Thirl moor Woolbist Law to the south of Dearbush hill starting NT812085 and heading
  10. On old USAAF airfields a major danger is that a lot of kit was buried in pits used for burning unused chemical weapons stockpiles at the end of WW2 so the ground is very contaminated and probably the residue that is difficult even for the military to ID, digging around "cleared" military sites/airfields is likely to be dangerous but often the danger is insidious. Steve
  11. It's a shame it can't be x ref with the Sherman buried under a post office thread as your post links up with the Dorking tank burials and yes the switch thing is very believable -I remember having to re-do a house light switches because the lady of the house -from Toronto had persuaded her husband that the British method was wrong -building inspector not convinced nor impressed :wow:-happily the sockets were correctly positioned.
  12. Thanks for the clarification -to me the shorter round looked like a poor attempt at an AP Shot mock up -I can't recall ever seeing a Mk2T HE I assume it was more streamlined than the Mk1. Steve
  13. I know i'm going to get beaten up but What:nut: I thought the shells were APCBC and AP shot the only thing that bothers me is the green band (the marker for explosive filled) on the AP shot it should be red/white with the white tip as shown. Surely the HE shell Mk1(t) would be buff anyway with a green band with the composition stencilled on (TNT RDX) and would have a nose percussion fuse No.244 which would be apparent as it is flat nosed. I've got my tin hat on and expect a grenade or two imminentely:-D Steve
  14. Never mind Robin :cry: here's another two-it's like going to the dentist it'll soon be over:nut:. Steve
  15. Now now eddy they are part of our heritage- Didn't know you were at Batus -if I'd got out there I would have imediatelly applied for asylum:D Some Ferrets 00EC68 00DA59 there is another photo earlier in this thread of this vehicle from the right hand side. 2 photos of 01EA87 Steve
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