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  1. Yes original picture Ron, here's the full photo.
  2. Hi Ron, you shouldn't be too fussy, they weren't back then.
  3. Hi Alastair, what is the French facebook site called ? Regards Gary
  4. Is the stamped mark that of the "Ministry of Supply" ? Regards Gary
  5. Have a look at this Baz, Regards Gary https://www.radiomuseum.co.uk/r1155.html
  6. Hi Baz, details below for you, the US marked box is a British made and used box, that has had something else stored in it at a later date, Regards Gary P59 Used for: 25-pr. Q.F. gun Shell, H.E. (4x off) or Grenades No. 68 (17x off) or Bomb, hand incendiary 1 1/4-lb (24x off) M104 Used for: Rockets "U" Ammunition Shell "U" 3-in. H.E. No. 1 (4x off) or Fuzes N0213 Mk2 (12x off) C206 Used for: 25-pr. Q.F. gun Cartridges Normal (cordite) (8x off) or 25-pr. Q.F. gun Cartridges Normal (N.C.T.) (8x off)
  7. Here's a boundary stone I bought about 10 years ago, from a demolition company, who had taken down a wall and some buildings at Colchester barracks, it measures 18" x 12" and weighs about 18kg, it had been set into the wall that they had taken down.. I've never been able to find any photos of the barracks to see where these stones might have been placed.
  8. Sorry to hear that, if you do find the new owner I'd be grateful, Regards Gary
  9. I know this is a long shot (old thread), but does anybody know where or who has this trailer now, I have some thing from this very trailer that the owner might like, Regards Gary
  10. Hi John, this should answer your question,
  11. The figure is carved from the trunk of an Ash tree, you can also get a ride in D29 if you fancy it.
  12. Hello Paul, if you go onto facebook and type in Notek, you will find a couple films, https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=notek&epa=SEARCH_BOX Regards Gary
  13. I made the body of my SC250 from a cardboard bin (fin is an original, found in London being used as a plant planter/pot).
  14. Here's mine, unissued, can just see the 8465 number that Clive mentioned, in ink on the end, Regards Gary
  15. Hello James, in 2014 I took my BSA bike to Normandy for 3x days, I parked my car in Portsmouth and then boarded the ferry, loaded down with tent, sleeping bag (both strapped to my bike) and a large ruck sack. I made the short journey to the campsite LES CAPUCINES at Ranville, riding along the canal to Pegasus bridge, this was at 6am, 6 June, 70 years on ! (that was an incredible experience). The only thing I decided to change on the bike were the pedals, as riding any distance with the push through type pedals, can become very hard work. I also added a vintage rack, purely to add th
  16. I picked up this compressor at the weekend, has the appearance of US Army issue, it has a fixing for quick mounting/detaching, also has a driven shaft drive. Made by Saylor Beall, Detroit, model 501-E, has anybody seen anything like this before, I can find no info on the web. Thanks Gary
  17. Attached photos, taken today at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. PS If anyone is thinking of going this weekend prepay and print your tickets off before you go, this morning I had to queue for an hour and half to get in !
  18. Just seen this footage on facebook of a convoy of WW1 vehicles, making their way to the Great Dorset Steam Fair yesterday. Regards Gary
  19. Picked this up recently at a carboot sale, Trial 82 Experimental Sleeping Bag, didn't realise it is what it is until I got it out of it's carrier just now.
  20. Today I displayed at the Bicester Heritage "Flywheel Show", I took along some of my collection and my G3l and displayed as a field workshop WW2, in Europe, I had the pleasure of a Morris C8 parked along side my display, from vehicle collector Tobin Jones and this added greatly to the overall setup. The show has a varied mix of classic cars, motorcycles, aircraft and a military vehicle/reenactors section, all this and with perfect weather to boot.
  21. Thanks for taking the time to record this restoration Ron, it's a great example of just how to go about it. Regards Gary.
  22. Get yourself a copy of this book, full of photos of the Jeep in British service through WW2. Regards Gary
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