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  1. I have K5 for sale, cold be donor parts vehicle
  2. Hi Peter k2/SL specification is L.W.B. Chassis only K2/VV series 23v is L.W.B. Dropside with Cab regards Radek
  3. Hi Peter 26192 is K2/VV, series VV23b, Spare parts list 2074B regards Radek
  4. wat with searching for manuals! You have to first check the chassis number and set up the contract! After then you can find corect manual 😉
  5. any info for you and picture and drawings of my original wooden floor.
  6. Hi Gary, did you looked on ebay? 😉 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124727622206?hash=item1d0a587a3e:g:jGUAAOSwn1BgfDm- Regards Radek
  7. For sale exact reproduction of Austin brass lables Please Quote Vehicle No. 10gbp Chassis No. 10gbp Contract No. 12gbp Choke information (Push Pull) 15gbp
  8. it is only Rupert´s missclick 😉
  9. found pictures from this trials Guy Ant Commer
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