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ferret service history


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It looks like your Ferret was in Germany with the Royal Artillery pre 1970. An interesting (and long!) service history though.


I laminate these service histories, shove them in a 37 Pattern Webbing map Case (try Ebay) and, hey presto, one vehicle information board for shows!

18 EA 36.doc

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I don't think it actually went to N. Ireland - it stayed with the Rear Party in Germany.


The Life Guards did go to the Gulf in 1991 and your Ferret appears to have been with them at the time, but do you have any evidence that it went there? Desert paint, photos etc?

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painted in gulf war coulours by army and it was a rush paint job! modified front hatch for night vision equip 5.56 ammo found in ferret it was mostly mk 1/2 ferrets that went and a few mk 1 s i reckon it got at least as far as the docks in kuwait.

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can any help me with the details from my ferrets military life cheers


4/7DG (4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards) were in Bhurtpore Barracks,Tidworth in the summer of 1976 prior to B Sqn 15/19H (Aliwal Barracks, ditto) deploying to UNFICYP. Upon our return from Cyprus, 3RTR were resident in Bhurtpore Bks and 4/7DG had gone to BAOR. I therefore presume that your Ferret was issued to 4/7DG upon deployment.


Being an armoured regiment, it would have been used either as Squadron or Regimental Sergeant Major's Ferret (look for a callsign 19C, 29C, 39C or 95) or as a rebroadcast vehicle (callsign 98 or 98A).


I cannot after these years remember whether the OrBat of an armoured regiment allowed for a Ferret for D (Support) Sqn SSM (c/s 49C).

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