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British Vehicle photos 1946/47 in RASC use Germany


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I was fortunate to win on ebay a 700+ lot of photos, all taken by one man, who was serving in the RASC, and who it appears travelled widely in Germany (in a VW Beetle) during the period of 1946/47. The photos are ranging from bombed city ruins, British army service buildings, British army vehicles, colleagues, German workers (for the British army) and day to day life of a British service man in Germany.

Nearly all the photos have comprehensive written details on the reverse (what, when and where), and offer a rich insight to the 2 years that the photos cover.

Following are just a few that I've picked out so far.




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Do you have any photos of the beetles showing front and back..

Hi Brian

as Morris c8 has said in post 3 there are front and rear shots, I am still working my way through all the photos and there are more in there of these early beetles. I also have a ATS photo album which has several good close up shots of beetles in British Army use.



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heres an original photo from my collection of the back of a early VW in British army service in Germany. The other morris is morris C8 fat not morris C8 that is me.


Excellent time capsule of photos Gary!

The 'Split Window Beetle' was used by The British Army & the Control commission as well as a Few Kubelwagens. A lot of the Beetles & Kubels were assembled by R.E.M.E from left over componants found in the factory. I belive approx 200 Kubels were assembled. I had a Friend who actualy owned one of these.

The VW factory & what remained, was offered to the Russians as War Reparations. They turned in down, the Yanks didnt want it either. So a R.E.M.E British Army Major Ivan Hirst, got the factory up & running on a very limited production bassis to provide local employment. It actually started to make a profit & was then turned over to the Germans. The rest, is history, as they say! :-D


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Some VW Beetles in RASC use, visable in several photos, there is the word T FORCE, for details on this see the link below.


Brilliant pics Gary, thanks for sharing!


The VW Beetles are the so-called Type 51. These were assembled shortly after the war when the VW factory could scrounge the parts for Type 82 Kübelwagen chassis, onto which they fitted Beetle bodies. They had to do this as the supply of Kübelwagen bodies had dried up because the manufacturer was located in the Russian occupaton zone.

After a short while the VW factory reverted to the standard Beetle chassis making it sit lower as was originally intended.

13 Mar 1947 - Vaux

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On 2/27/2010 at 7:52 PM, garys39 said:

Some more truck shots, the bus was taking the chaps to the Mohne dam, of which there are several shots, anybody recognise what type of bus it is ?



The bus is almost certainly a UK built AEC - more research to follow to identify it. It was very unusual to find a UK coach being used since troop movements from around 1942/3 by the RASC were undertaken by 4x4 Bedford QLTs. 

widdtruck2..jpg.1df170c8561fd87014ebed55f9aa442d (1).jpg

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