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  1. The WOT2-h has the same bracket but on the out side of the cab panel on the driver side for the pick handle and in side for the pick head (??). Ian
  2. G'day Sam, The filter element you are looking for is that for oil or air ?
  3. Hi Rob, Can you tell if the body fittings are still available Kind regards Ian
  4. Hi, Witch part of Australia are you from ? I'm doing up a 1941 WOT 2-h Fordson myself, would love to see some photo's of your WOT. Regards Ian Victoria
  5. Hi Danny, I think you have made the bracket to long, here are two photo's of my original GS tray from my Fordson wot2-h, as you can see it's bolted behind the angle iron upright! Looking at yours I think hinge is to far in, I've just when out and measured my and it's 4 1/4" from the edge from the tray to the center of the hinge bolt. Hope this help's mate. Kind regards Ian
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