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Falklands CVR(T)s


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14 hours ago, Frankeden said:

Hi everyone - recently 03FD38 has come into my care -I see there’s a photo of her getting loaded into HMS Fearless in this thread and I would love to hear any further /all information relating to her and her service . 

look forward to hearing from you all 


Hi Frank, not sure how much use I would be, now, but any info you require, ask away 😁

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On 1/4/2015 at 11:18 AM, saxmanguy said:

Blues & Royals CVRT's lined up at Southampton waiting to be loaded onto the MV ELK.img003.jpg


Hi, thank you a lot for posting these fotos. I am very interested in the falklands war and as the Blues and Royals seem to be the only unit of which no one has written a book about the experience of it and there is not much information availabel online. Therefore it is nice to see some "new" fotos from your perspective.

I am currently trying to research the history of your units involvement in the Falklands war for a littel Video about that topic on my very small youtube Channel (Säbelzahnmöwe). Which I run as hobby.

Normally I do book reviews (in German and English), but seeing that there is nothing much on this specific topic yet, I thought it would be a good start for some more history oriented videos. Especially because the 40 Years anniversary of that operation is comming up.

But getting visiuals and details about your deployment is not easy. Your unit is often only mentioned as a sidenote in many accounts.

Even finding out if the Scorpions and Scimitars used passiv image intensifiers or already thermal sights in 1982 wasnt as easy as one would think.

Would you be ok with me using your pictures to illustrate my Video ? I would of course blure the faces and quote you as the source. Other then that you would have my eternal gratitude and if you ever come to Hannover Germany (maybe to visit the German Tank Museum in Munster) a free beer and lift to it :)

Also if you have any further infomation or sources you could point me to, that would be greatly appreciated.

Have a nice day and stay safe


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Don't know if it has been mentioned in this thread, but Eden Camp at Malton have one of the Scorpions, and one of the Scimitars from the machines sent to the Falklands. Scorpion 03 FD 38 (23A), and Scimitar 06 FD 06 (23B). 

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I know that this is an old post so I'm probably giving reproducing information that you already know. A search of this post, the Eden Camp Facebook page, and Google came up with the following on the Blues and Royals Falklands vehicles:

Alvis FV101 Scorpion x 4

Call signs - 23, 23A, 23B, 24 (I think there could be a mistake here as one of the Scimitars is 23B.)

Reg numbers - 02 FD 76, 02 FD 92, 03 FD 38 (23A), ?

(The three with quoted Reg numbers still exist going by this thread, but two are now sabres.)

Alvis FV107 Scimitar x 4

Call signs - 23B, 23C, 24B, 24C

Reg numbers - 06 FD 06 (23B),  06 FD ?4 (possibly 06 FD 34?), ?, ? 

( 06 FD 06 is still around)

Alvis FV106 Samson x1

Call sign - ?

Reg number - 00 GM 45


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