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  1. The Saltire badge looks like the 52nd Lowland Division emblem (if they were still a Division in the 50/60s). Would 225 Squadron RTC be a part of this.
  2. I remember seeing this QL on Milweb. If I remember, it was for sale at Greenlaw in the Scottish Borders. As mentioned above, the Shopland collection has an Austin K5 restored as a portee. This K5 also came from the Scottish Borders (although not directly to Shoplands?) as it was one of several in the council depot at Selkirk, only about 20 miles away as the crow flies from Greenlaw.
  3. Hi Rick. I see that somewhere during this tread the Centaur has dissappeared from your vehicle list. Has it been passed to someone else so that another Centaur/Cromwell will be resurrected, or was nothing usable left? Dave.
  4. Thanks for the reply Rick. Glad if it actually has been rescued for restoration (although if its gone south, I'll never see it. furthest south I've been to a show is Yorkshire) I can see that you might need a command vehicle for your tank fleet! Iooking at the lack of vision though, I bet that if someone does restore it, driving it to a show would be a nightmare. Dave.
  5. HiAll, The old Maple Leaf thread seems to have been lost. Does anyone know anything about the Dorchester in Scotland? Does it still exist? Has someone rescued it? Havent heard of this before. Didnt know we still had stuff lying around. Havent come across any wartime stuff lying about for ages now. Dave.
  6. Hi Ian, What a find. It shows that there is still some good stuff out there. I suppose that the important thing would be to save it initially. the missing parts can be found or possibly replicated later. I see from the restoration blogs that you are restoring a Bedford QL GS truck, so this would be a nice accessory. Here's an extract from the Orbat for the Admin Platoon of a typical British Infantry Battalion in North West Europe 1944: 3 ton 4X 4 lorry GS 11 butchery dutyman, cook, driver IC Tows a water trailer. Dont know what your plans are, but Bedfords are not that com
  7. Hi Steve, having seen your other Jeep and Dodge at Durham both obviously having a definite avation theme to them, are there any similar plans for this one? Or do we all just have to wait and see? Regards Dave.
  8. Hi guys, I've been following this with interest as I encountered a loyd way back in the Seventies at Myerton Motor Museum. its the only one I've ever seen, and I was fascinated with it. I see that Bob Grundy's came from Myerton, but the one I saw was an exhibit. Fully restored and with a tilt fitted if I remember correctly. Where is it now? Actually, at that time (1977ish) they had a couple of Morris C8 Quads, Humber box Daimler Dingo, and a Bedford QLR all sitting outside in unrestored state. The Bedford had stood on a hillside for many years be used as a Royal Observer Corps post. i
  9. Does anyone know the fate of the CX22 used by Chalmers McQueen, galashiels until well into the eighties. It was painted bright orange (along with a Land Rover which it towered over. Although converted to breakdown. it still had its artillery body, and the truck was in good nick. In the mid/late Eighties it disappeared. A Mack NO chassis/cab appeared very briefly, and then a civilian Atkinson 6x6 ex snowplough took up residence,with the Albions rear body grafted onto it(it actually looked good, like some prototype from the sixties) This survived until the mid nineties. The Albion proba
  10. Thanks for the replies Gents. Its quite amazing how they evolved. Until the other day, I would never have guessed that they had ever been the same version. Looking closely, I see that it has the late i piece transmission housing, and were the later suspension units a straight bolt on, or require lots of enginering. Steve, thanks for the photos, including the interior shots. You were obviously lucky enough to gain access to this interesting machine. I would love to see it restored as a British machine, perhaps 4/7 Royal Dragoons given its location, but it will have been an M50 for much long
  11. Hi All. I have been reading the varoius restoration threads on Shermans. Living in Scotland, a Sherman is a rare sight to me, the M50 at Eden Camp in Yorkshire being the only example I have seen in the UK. While looking at Shermans on various websites tonight, one in the States mentioned that their Sherman M50 had actually started life as an M4A4 and had served with the British Army. So could the example in Eden Camp also be ex British, and how different is it from original? I notice that the suspention is the easy eight (?) type and that the gun is different. Anyone know about t
  12. Hi All, sounds like it might get saved after all. i was hoping to help from this end, but the logistics of getting it to Scotland on a budget are against us. And we still have not sorted out the Taskmaster. The main thing is that someone saves it. Items like this tend to be overlooked because there are still others about, but for how much longer will these finds come up? Dave.
  13. Well, I'm trying to save a David Brown Taskmaster for a museum at the moment, so the two together would make some exhibit. I'll ask them if they are interested. If it still can be saved, its worth a try. What part of the country is it in, given that I'm in southern Scotland. Would a big vehicle be needed to shift it, bigger than a transit car transporter? I ask, as one of my mates has one. Could you find out if its still there please? Cant promise anything, but they might be interested. Thanks. Dave.
  14. Hi All. What happened to the trailer? Was it saved? Oris it still there? What sort of a task would it be to recover something like this? David.
  15. This would be a ggod exhibit for somewhere like East Kirkby, or Elvington. Dave.
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