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  1. The Saltire badge looks like the 52nd Lowland Division emblem (if they were still a Division in the 50/60s). Would 225 Squadron RTC be a part of this.
  2. I remember seeing this QL on Milweb. If I remember, it was for sale at Greenlaw in the Scottish Borders. As mentioned above, the Shopland collection has an Austin K5 restored as a portee. This K5 also came from the Scottish Borders (although not directly to Shoplands?) as it was one of several in the council depot at Selkirk, only about 20 miles away as the crow flies from Greenlaw.
  3. Hi Adrain, I could be talking rubbish, but fairly I'm sure I read it in an old copy of MilitaryMachines International. I seem to recall that they said it was for the Sexton, but if I'm not mistaken, Sextons didn't use Multibanks? I'm not "in the know". I just read a lot and watch you guys in awe. Dave
  4. Just been browsing the net, and saw that Cobbatons Sherman M4A4 is back on tracks, apparently for the Fury film. As it still has battle damage, I assume that it hasnt been restored, but I'm sure I read that the also have a crated Multibank. Could this mean a step closer to putting together a British tank Troop / Squadron? (I know shermans were American, but you know what I mean.) Dave.
  5. Hi Rick, Your PM box is full. Re Churchill track. Regards Dave
  6. Hi All, Earlier in this thread there was information about Churchill tanks being tested at Stobbs Camp in the Scottish Borders. By coincedence, yesterday my supervisor came in to work. He, and some friends had been exploring the site of the camp. they found lots of spent bullets etc, - and the remains of a tank which had been used for target practice. Although he's not an enthusiast, he reckons that it's a Churchill. Apparently badly shot up, but still tracks there. He didn't take pictures, but he intends to revisit the sight, so I've asked if he can get some. I haven't seen
  7. Hi Rob, if you do get the Airborne 6 Pounder, will you be posting pictures? My Dad is ex Airborne Anti Tank (post war, so never used in anger) and looked over your American gun with great interest at Durham a couple of years ago, but as you say it wasnt the same gun. Love to see it. dave.
  8. Hi Bryan. The ships in the picture are LCTs (landing Craft Tank) and are like LCT 7074 which is currently semi submerged at Birkinhead (as far as I know). LCT 7074 is the sole survivor of its type to have actually taken part in the D DAY landings, having landed British Tanks on Gold Beach on the Afternoon of 6th June. Postwar it was a nightclub in Liverpool, and then part of a maratime museum collection which folded. It was still aflot until then, but has since sunk,thankfully in very shallow water. My guess is that it wll end up being scrapped, but its a sad fate for a D Day surv
  9. Hi All, any further news on LCT 7074? Are things progressing quietly to save her, or is it a lost cause? Shame if something as significant is lost, but I suppose it is very big, and you couldnt exactly take it to MV shows! If anyone was doing it A&P Group Ltd on the Tyne are the modern owners of Hawthorn Leslie, and are ship repairers. They also have a facility at Falmouth, so further D Day connections? I have no connection with the ship or the compay. Id just love to see it saved. I know its pure fantasy, but imagine being able to take something like this to Arromaces.
  10. Hi Rick. I see that somewhere during this tread the Centaur has dissappeared from your vehicle list. Has it been passed to someone else so that another Centaur/Cromwell will be resurrected, or was nothing usable left? Dave.
  11. Hi Paul, Hope you dont mind this thread being resurected, but did you take on a BY5 anyway, not the one from the scrapyard? If so, any updates? Any does anyone know if the scrapyard one was saved? There seems to be very little information on this type of vehicle. Thanks. Dave.
  12. Thanks for the replies. The recovery body wasn't chariot type. It was the standard body, but with a bit of a diagonal cut to it, if that makes sense. It might also have been slightly shortened, but it was difficult to tell as the wheels and the rear body are fairly level at the back. I didnt know the registation number, so thats a bit further forward. Many of Kings vehicles were glasgow registered. I remember that one of the tippers in the late 70s was AGG 1S. Always thought that this would be more suited to a butcher! Would there be any chance of posting the picture of it in T
  13. Thanks for the reply Rick. Glad if it actually has been rescued for restoration (although if its gone south, I'll never see it. furthest south I've been to a show is Yorkshire) I can see that you might need a command vehicle for your tank fleet! Iooking at the lack of vision though, I bet that if someone does restore it, driving it to a show would be a nightmare. Dave.
  14. HiAll, The old Maple Leaf thread seems to have been lost. Does anyone know anything about the Dorchester in Scotland? Does it still exist? Has someone rescued it? Havent heard of this before. Didnt know we still had stuff lying around. Havent come across any wartime stuff lying about for ages now. Dave.
  15. Does anyone know the current status of LCT7074 at Birkenhead? Most reports are now around two years old. Dave.
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