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  1. If you get serious about the Ford, I might be able to help. I've owned a '44 GPW in the past and helped a friend with his 2-owner GPW, but I will say it's cool to see someone with something less common. I've noticed a number of "Burma Jeeps" for sale in my neck of the woods and found those very tempting. This is what I see for Jeeps near me just as a data point: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/d/bodega-bay-1946-willys-jeep/7273684668.html and https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/d/windsor-1945-jeep-ford/7258999914.html You might also check EarlyCJ5.com as a forum. It's
  2. Funny how we in the US are exporting Jeeps and importing Ferrets and CVR(T)! I understand wanting a Jeep and all. Thing is, original parts are pretty well picked over by this point so it's easy to build a Jeep if you don't mind repro parts. I applaud your desire to keep it original but it is a hard road. If you wanted original and WWII at this point it might actually be easier to get a Dodge WC or something of that stripe since repro parts aren't so common and there are still a good many "barn find" condition vehicles out there for little money. Just a thought. Good luck in any case.
  3. I wanted to measure my timing with a light but of course the wires make that difficult. I turned a bit of plastic and ran a section of threaded rod up the middle, worked great. .5" dia inside the plug and recessed on top for .8" of length, then a .3" dia section for the light about an inch long. Before that I had to have a friend hold a screwdriver in the circuit with the clamp around it, not as satisfactory... but amusing.
  4. Zeke, greetings. Nice to see a youngster taking an interest. I'm just a bit south of you, down in CA.
  5. Excellent work and congratulations. I have a vehicle that was a flatmate to yours. It's the one behind yours in the photo in Terry's facility. After two tours in Somalia and one in Rwanda it's seen some better days. In fact based on your pics yours was much cleaner and more intact! It's taken far too long but I've finally got it down to the bare hull and most of the welding done. Your success is an inspiration.
  6. As a note, a couple decades back I did happen upon some WRA 18 .303 and I can corroborate Captain C. Shore's observations in this regard. It has held up much better than most other .303 surplus I've used over the years. I have yet to experience so much as a detectable hangfire from it, though I very seldom use what little I have left.
  7. I'm rather surprised nobody really mentioned alcohol to any great degree. Old military vehicles are actually well suited to run pure alcohol, just re-jet your carburetor, replace a few seals, and off you go. You take about a 15% loss on power but you get to keep driving. As for diesel engines, Mr Diesel envisioned peanut oil from the farm being the main fuel. It's not hard to cook biodiesel at home in quantities sufficient to take one's MV out for the occasional weekend jaunt. If you were trying to fire up your Chieftain, well you already have trouble unless your pockets are quite deep.
  8. Thanks very much for this. As you say, there is a parts breakdown, but no illustration. So I'm still in the dark as to the mounting of the front post. I might just have to cobble something up I suppose. For simplicity sake I'm taking advantage of modern battery technology and putting them both in one box. Handy also since I just have one box (though I do have both lids). One more thing to add to my list of things to locate at some point, then I can use it to store spares or something.
  9. I dearly wish I had one, but not sure where to get it. I have several chapters in digital format but not wherever the battery box is covered.
  10. Oh terribly sorry, I'm working to make a FV58430 mount for a Mk1. It's the lowest bar so I thought it was a good place to start. I'd like to know the dimensions of the round section supporting the whole thing as well as the overall length of the mount at least. That said, any dimensions would be a help.
  11. I want to set a Bren on my Ferret but of course the mounts are scarce and costly. This is exacerbated by my being in the USA. So I've decided to fabricate one. It's a lot like a crossword puzzle, if you get a couple parts it's easier to figure out the others. I found the dimensions for LV4/5340-99-812-5812 and LV4/5340-99-812-5813 in the parts catalouge and made one of each. I found a seller who had the LV4/5340-99-812-5814 wood washers. The socket in the Bren is about 1/2" wide so I know the body steel is 1/4" thick (based on the pictures I assume it's 2" wide) and can measure the socket
  12. I do have a box, but I really don't see a place to attach the front hold-down. It looks like there might be a spot to attach something to the back of the gearbox side trunnion but there isn't space for it to be these.
  13. That's what I thought and now that I look again it's obvious. I kept looking at the front of the tray was my mistake. OK, so these hold the back of the box, what holds the front of the box? Thanks,
  14. I've got a couple small bits I can't figure out, I'm sure they are obvious but here goes:
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