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  1. I last saw Stu in January 84, at Windsor, when i was posted out
  2. Hi Frank, not sure how much use I would be, now, but any info you require, ask away 😁
  3. It certainly is Stu Reid 😁
  4. Sorry, not got any pics in the album, have got some, maybe of your vehicle, will start digging through the attic, and will find them but dont hold your breath
  5. Thanks Barry, thats very interesting, there is no sign of any repair, going to do some digging on this as, I cannot see changing the whole belly plate as being feasible, quite a bit of work solving this puzzle, I dont suppose you have the service records for this do you? Guy
  6. Not really recommended in any situation, but if you think you need to ask, Definate no no
  7. Well it was one of ours, you never know you may be lucky, will did out that photo album later, and take a look, will put up any picks I have Guy
  8. Mmmmmm tracked rapier, do you have the service records for it? VRN? Got some pics hidden away of tracked and towed rapier firing in the Hebs, 1985, 22 Ad Regt
  9. AWESOME, Wow, I simply cannot believe it, especially with the hull breach, not surprised it passed into civvy hands, but to be repaired well enough to go back into service, and to be converted to Sabre, have you ever had the engine out of it? Guy
  10. Wow thats fantastic news, would love to see that again, would love to know how the hole in the hull was repaired
  11. In the words of a famous reporter embeded with the task force at the time, I counted them out, and I counted them back, vehicles returning to southampton from HMS Fearless
  12. Repatriation of the dead vehicle back to southampton
  13. Sorry Robin, did try, but these were taken on a little pocket camera, and quality is not the best, have put them on a stick to pass on to my youngest who is quite the wiz with photoshop, hopefully he can enhance them to being readable, failing that, its back to searching the attic where my notebooks are, got everything written down there
  14. Samson, playing in the sand, Ascencion Island
  15. Scorpion, on board HMS Fearless,
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