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Thread: Mk1 Militant Tanker

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    The latest goings on in Tanker world. Having started the off side framework at the back of the wheelarch, been working my way forward, finishing up with the front bulkhead panel.

    The round shadow of the remains of the bridge class plate was hiding pure rust, and both edges are shot away too, so off it comes and back to the workshop.

    First thought was to cut out the rusty bit and weld in new, but on closer inspection, making a new plate would be better. Biggest problem would be to get the shallow curve right, it is not a corner as such, so rolling would be too much. My local steel supplier had a solution. Use a sheet that had spent the last 6 months leaning against a wall and had sagged under it's own weight into a perfect curve. Top left hand corner of the picture shows it continuing to "lean and sag" against the wall of my workshop awaiting cutting out.

    Off we go, mark out the outline and various rivet holes, cut out the shape and bend in the steering box shroud. Usual skim of filler over the grinder marks and generous coat of paint

    Quick comparison of the old and new. The cut out on the old sheet is the main cab mounting for the off side, which is welded onto the back of the panel.

    That fits on like this

    And the whole thing looks like this. Well pleased with the result. Now that bit is on square, I can carry on with the resat of the frame and the front half of the wheel arch.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 411a Off Side Frame 2.jpg  

    435 O-S-F Panel.jpg  

    437 O-S-F Panel New.jpg  

    440 O-S-F Painted 2.jpg  

    441 O-S-F Old and New.jpg  

    442 O-S-F Test Fit.jpg  

    443 O-S-F Test Fit 2.jpg  


    If at first you dont succeed, get a bigger hammer........... avoid the disappointment and use the big hammer in the first place

    One Militant is not enough

    1954 AEC Militant Mk1 Timber Tractor 01BP60........aka. 375 UXK

    1954 AEC Militant Mk1 Fuel Tanker 65BN57.......aka. 294 UYU

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    Nice bit of out of the box thinking, getting that curvature just right like that!

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