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  1. Hi Not much help. I recall doing the casting inspection and testing for 11 of these old girls about 1979/81. Shame though they were in fine condition and needed only minor repairs and servicing. The bulk loading testes for all of them showed no leaks or seized valves. Buggers to drive.
  2. Probably the last batch of DUKWs produces from Fazakerley Eng Liverpool. That was about the last year we were doing total rebuilds. They did look fine. Sadly the last one delivered, rotted down on the vehicle park at Ashchurch.
  3. Get the head off, do all the valves and seats. They are the sweetest motor when the gaps are set with a dti. When a young mechanic we did dozens of RLs for Field Repair. We had competitions between ourselves to see how quickly some operations could be done.
  4. Is it the 27.5 Kva? Frame mounted with the control panel in the middle of one side and a starting handle at the front, canvas sides and an air tank at one end?
  5. Burscough Lancs Local get to get together.
  6. Saw this. She may be available.
  7. Fantastic job Paul. Looks in fine fettle, when will it be set for visitors and where? By the way what reg was your ballast tractor?
  8. It us-est to be with the old Triangle brake testers at the Testing stations, tester could counter rotate the the wheels to overcome the linked double drive. This would enable each wheel to be tested holding the prop shaft in neutral. I know this because during my training in the Ministry at Hendon in the early 80s. I was tasked with testing a Bedford double drive. This required that minimum brake efforts were achieved, whilst rotating the axle both ways. I forgot this and went for maximum efforts. This was OK for the foot brake but when testing the parking brake, out of the corner of
  9. The worst thing to do on a knocker is a compression and leakage test. Claiming in and out, the heat, the smell of hot diesel, being covered in diesel and kneeling in the passenger foot well. Failing my class 2 HGV test in a HAA. But they are lovely rugged bits of kit.
  10. No the pitch of the worm and wheel allows the wheels to drive the transmission.
  11. Looks fantastic, we had full panel shop facilities and would baulk at making the towers. The stores always won the toss.
  12. Amphibi boy Hi Lovely work on the panels. There is a corrosion weak spot forward of the cab bulkhead both sides which is a bu..er to get at, it turned up in the 70's during overhaul programs and was the subject of a miscellaneous instruction issued to EMER'S. It gives you a real shock when it pops, but the bilge copes with it. Time has moved on so the pop might be larger if it is present. Ps, I noticed in the photos something on top of the propulsion PTO, that looks like a breather? I was a testing stollys for six years prior to 84 and don't recall this. Is it? Regards C
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