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  1. Recently found in the depths of a shed, used condition £35 Inc mainland postage.
  2. I use copper as a backing for welding small holes, as the weld doesn't stick, and you get a fairly flush finish that won't need much flatting.
  3. Hi Steve, it is laminated, had some cut ages ago for mine, can't remember thickness. You may well find the windscreen seals are perishing too. Keruing or similar timber would be a good alternative, or even softwood well treated, depending on the depth of your pockets. Simon
  4. Believe its for spares for the Pig project they have.
  5. Hi Steve, done a bit of digging. This is his post.
  6. There are pics on the net of trucks in Aden with 16.00's fitted, believe Chris has these on his too.
  7. Well, mine hasn't turned a wheel in ages, but is still on 1500's. And quite rightly as you say are getting like rocking horse poo. But they do occasionally turn up.
  8. Welcome to the club. I have a fair few emers for these, copying would be a long task. Check out green machine surplus on ebay as Mark has a few listed. Pictures and vehicle info much appreciated.
  9. Rob, I'll have a look. May have a spare knocking around. There are the odd NOS ones coming up occasionally on ebay.
  10. Think MM is Morris, and WL is Wolseley so possibly car of some sort.
  11. Will have a look in the shed. Think I have a spare one hanging around.
  12. https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/portable-cookersnos12-and-3operation-maintenance-and-illustrated-parts-list-3182-p.asp
  13. Next, n/s strip and repair. Remove woodwork first, most of which needs replacing. Job for later. Remove all the old rusty steelwork, and replace with new.
  14. Well, not updated this for awhile. So cracking on again, started to repair rear body steelwork. O/s first then strip n/s to do same. Also stripping back flaky paint from the chassis and coating in a good cover of red oxide. Favourite tool is the needle descaler. Quality rot as you can see. And in with the new.
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