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  1. Rob, I'll have a look. May have a spare knocking around. There are the odd NOS ones coming up occasionally on ebay.
  2. Think MM is Morris, and WL is Wolseley so possibly car of some sort.
  3. Will have a look in the shed. Think I have a spare one hanging around.
  4. https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/portable-cookersnos12-and-3operation-maintenance-and-illustrated-parts-list-3182-p.asp
  5. Next, n/s strip and repair. Remove woodwork first, most of which needs replacing. Job for later. Remove all the old rusty steelwork, and replace with new.
  6. Well, not updated this for awhile. So cracking on again, started to repair rear body steelwork. O/s first then strip n/s to do same. Also stripping back flaky paint from the chassis and coating in a good cover of red oxide. Favourite tool is the needle descaler. Quality rot as you can see. And in with the new.
  7. Keruing Wood may be worth looking at for replacements.
  8. Tried paraffin in one of mine, burnt OK.
  9. Would anyone know what the RAL or BS number is for the colour of the no 2 and 3 cookers. Not the original vulgar green but later one. Looking at colour charts the closest it seems to me is BS 284 Spruce Green, but is it? TIA Simon
  10. Free wheels on my wagon, jus' keep rolling along........
  11. All types are the same. Well unless there happens to be a rogue with the Mk1 system still in place.
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