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  1. That's what I call a proper job. Well done Rob, it's looking great
  2. Well done Rob, I bet that's put a big smile on your face.
  3. Just out of interest, what oils do you use in the engine and transmission Rob?
  4. Used the Militant to do some real work the other day. She did us proud!
  5. We want to move the location of the batteries on our Mk1 Militant. Can anyone recommend the size of cable we require, Many thanks Bob
  6. We fully intend to keep it in its modified form, after all it has probably spent more time like it is now than it did in service. As for the air cleaners, they are staying where they are. We're moving the batteries too a locker behind the cab. That'll make space for the fridge behind the drivers seat. (It's a bigger space)!!
  7. We've got all that to come Rob. Ours has been modified somewhat, as well as the crane etc, the electrics have been changed, and the control box is just inside the drivers door and nothing like the original. The air cleaners have been re-sited inside the cab behind the passenger seat. Ours also has a heater fitted to the nearside with flexible air ducting running about everywhere. The plan is to restore it to good condition, but leave the modifications as they are.
  8. Nice work Rob, the pictures of the work you're doing on the cab are going to be invaluable when we get round to doing ours.
  9. Has anyone rebuilt the air operated wiper motor on a Mk1 Mili or similar
  10. I don't think so, I'll be seeing him at Stoke Rowe rally so I'll ask him then Bob
  11. I love this Blog. There's so much information for when we rebuild ours. Thanks Rob
  12. Thanks for the advise on the hose Rob. I'm following this restoration with interest as we'll have to do the same to our timber tractor at some point.
  13. Hi Rob. Sorry to hijack your thread, but have you ever had to change the top hose on a Militant? And if so how did you do it. Bob
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