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Lee & Ian just so you know...


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Compromise time: pack a kilo box of broken biccies from the milkman, quid a kilo last time I got some from that source (granted it was over two years back), and you get all manner of bloody good quality biccies in those boxes - often not broken at all, too! :)

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Peek Freens are still trading.Although no longer in Bermondsey.


Really? Does this mean I can devise a new Holy Grail? Quality!


I like the fact that Jack gave Ian and Lee a cup and saucer for their Camp coffee. How quaint for the Plankster to such a thing. Pukka manners.

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Just for the flipping record!


Lee and Ian did bring biscuits this time (at last) but it isn't as clear cut as that. It is one thing to bring biscuits but I thought that you are supposed to share them!!


Please see below for the evidence. Picture 1 is of the aforementioned biscuits and tuck. I had to answer the phone (porn alert) and when I came back this was all that was left - Picture 2, an absolute outrage!!





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