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Operation Foxes Lair

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Saturday 23/8/2008 - Monday 25/8/2008

North Thames Area Ralley Operation Foxes Lair. Proud to present our second 1940s dance,Nostaligia at Matching Village Hall including a dance competition and raffle prizes anybody interested contact Stan Capes Area Secretary after four pm 02085531187 or 07947572601


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Saturday 23rd - Monday25th August 2008 Operation Foxes Lair Based around the 300 year old pub 'The Fox Inn' we take over the village of Matching Tye and transport it back to the 1940's

We are back to Matching Tye in Essex where the objective is to time-warp the village and Hall back to the 1940,s , with Armour and softskins Vehicles , Living History , and a Saturday night dance in the village hall with 'The Hummingbirds'. A Convoy of Vehicles on the Sunday to an old 9th USAAF Airfield and Easton Lodge.The convoy will travel across the ex 391st Bomb Group, 9th USAAF airfield 'RAF Matching' and along some of the narrowest 'roads' in Essex (some even have moss growing down the centre!!) and with the weather promising to be dry and warm, should make for a great weekend.


Military & Civilian Re-enactors and Period Vehicles most welcome


Stan Capes Tel: 0208 553 1187

E Mail stanncapes@hotmail.co.uk



The Fox Inn

The Green, Matching Tye, Harlow, CM17 0QS

01279 731335

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we drove up Operation Foxes Lair meet on a wet suday morning to find the pub car park at the fox inn almost full with a verioty of military vehicles, most of the owners in the pub ( this is 0900) having breakfast after camping out saturday night, by 1000 we had a convoy up , to go to Easton Lodge , i lost count on the number, but it was very well organized with outriders stoping trafic. the event at little easton was a fanfastic old school english country show well done all a fab day out steve


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