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  1. Hi Ron, I am looking for one of these generators if you have it still? Happy to buy it....
  2. Thanks Robin and Newc I sent you an email Robin! I’m familiar with Fordbarn and will focus there. Thanks for your suggestions and help Elliott
  3. Hello - I'm a Brit working in the USA. I'm looking for an engine I could use in a Bren/Universal carrier. There are a ton of old Ford Flathead V8s out here but i'm a bit confused about which ones I could use in a carrier. Can anyone tell me what the differences are between a regular Ford Flathead V8 and those used in bren carriers? I'm told the later 8BA engine sumps are too deep and to use one a hole has to be cut in the carrier floor. My understanding is the engine I need is a model 81A 239 cu" 3.9L. Can I use a smaller 211 cu"? I think I can, it will be lower power but doe
  4. Thanks guys - a few starting points there. I'll look into them...
  5. Hello - i'm Elliott. I live near London and am really interested in WW2, in fact its a lifelong interest. I joined because i'm looking for an Austin K5 project - does anyone know of any still in scrapyards in the UK? thanks in advance Elliott
  6. Does anyone know of any old Austin K5s still in scrapyards in the UK? I'd consider something pretty rough. Can anyone help please? Thanks Elliott
  7. Hello everyone - just a short introduction. I have an interest in all things WW2, mainly aircraft, but also vehicles especially early British tanks and bren carriers.
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