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  1. Afternoon, Has anyone got an engine in any condition to go in a Canadian C15 CMP? Kind Regards Lawrence
  2. Hi guys, we are restoring our 1944 scammell mechanical horse which require these 10.50-13 tyres. Don't suppose anyone has any or know of a couple knocking around in good condition?
  3. That is something we are considering, the local traffic are not friends with us at the moment!
  4. It spent 3 years sat in our workshop before we started it really but lockdown gave us a chance to get stuck in, we've spent about 5 months restoring that and a jeep side by side at the same time. I'll start new thread at some point with some pictures.
  5. We have just finished the restoration of our 1944 Hippo. We have had to repair or make new parts for it as parts can be hard to get hold of.
  6. I'm looking to purchase a ww2 british staff car. Ideally something that doesn't need much if any work. Kind Regards Lawrence
  7. Good Morning all, We have purchased a 1944 Scammell Mechanical Horse. Does anyone have or know of any trailers available for us to purchase? Kind Regards Lawrence
  8. Still on the look out! Unfortunately the ones suggested above have been sold. It is for an AEC Renown which would have had an AV590 but any of the requested variants will also fit. Kind Regards Lawrence
  9. WANTED - AEC AV590 or AV690/691 or AV760 Looking for a previously running engine with all of ancillaries. Kind Regards Lawrence
  10. Hi all, The restoration of VSU334 is coming along quickly due to the current climate we are able to spend more time in our workshop! We have a list of missing parts which we are struggling to find, some may be the same as other vehicle types. Radiator Cap Window frames for front windscreen 8.25 x 20 tyres (8 required) Regards Lawrence
  11. Hi all, What are peoples thought on paint? We have a jeep and mk2 hippo waiting to be painted and want thoughts on which is best Matt or Satin? Kind Regards Lawrence
  12. Hi both, I'm going to drop them an email today to see what they can do for us! In regards the radiator cap, this is about the best I can muster in regards photos. Kind Regards Lawrence
  13. Good morning, We are looking for some parts to complete our leyland hippo. Radiator cap. Rubber that runs between the radiator and cap (photos below - 2.5m length. 2 inches width and 1 inch diameter outside circle). Kind Regards Lawrence
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