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Field Telephones


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I believe these are known as field telephones, question is can anyone tell me what they are, how old they are, who used them and how much they might be worth to someone who wants them. (For a friend you understand)






Thank you

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Telephone D Mk V

British WW2 I think I have the EMER somewhere. Trouble was with the vast expansion of equipment an awful lot of EMER TELECOMMUNICATIONS were redsignated or moved into other EMERs like INSTRUMENTS & SEARCHLIGHTS, TEST & MEASUREMENT and COMMUNICATION INSTALLATIONS to make room for more space in TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Even so stuff in the got redesignated several times. So it makes it difficult searching because usually only the front page of the EMER chapter was redesignated & if that is missing you don't know where you are. I feel better for that a bit of EMERing!


I used to have a pair of them. Yes there was the bell powered by the handle which I think gave about 50volts. The morse key was either for calling or morse comms. I remember that the buzzer incorporated windings to raise the voltage from the nominal 3volt supply as an induction coil would. The instructions to test this I recall were to WET! two fingers & place them on the output terminal to the telephone cables. Whereupon you would be greatly reassured by a horrifying jolt into your arm.

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They are British Telephone D mk5 telephones from the first half of WW2. They are restricted use as they signal with a buzzer and not bells. The bells they have are for incoming calls only, so that a telephone with a magneto can call it. The buzzer units were common on early WW2 telephones, but were very unreliable if not checked and adjusted daily. Also the thing that looks like a morse key is to send a call to the other telephone and is not for morse. Not as reliable as a telephone set F or J and are worth about £8-10 each. If you get offered more, then accept it. Only seem to used for office use.

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Used to use them on the rifle ranges for calling the butts. Wind the handle to make the bell ring at other end.


Err... These are Telephone set D Mk5 and don't have handles to wind. I think you may have them confused with a Telephone set F.

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