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Sewing Canvas


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I have posted a similar query on other forums and the replies are most informative. Has anyone made their own seat covers and canvas top for their own MV ? Having it done by a motor trimmer or upholsterer can be expensive . There are many old industrial sewing machines around .. What is the most suitable machine to buy ? Side curtains, tops , seats .. we all need them .



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Is this a case of the dreaded political correctness ethic that plagues the modern world .. it has come to bite me ... Gees, I'm confused.


Sorry, I humbly apologize, for in my niave state of mind, I didn't realise that one company, has got a monopoly on making canvas item for the whole MV hobby world.


Mike in Australia.

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I had thought about that...but by the time you get decent canvas and all the other stuff, the guys that specialise do not actually look too bad a deal.

I guess thats speaking for an off-the-shelf standard type cover...not sure about bespoke on-offs.

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I managed to get access to the sewing machine owned by my Car club and over a lengthy period, sewed up a canopy for my Dodge WC. These come in two sections and while the rear wasn't too difficult as it was a straight bit of sewing albeit with a few buckles and whatnot thrown in, the front part from windscreen to first canopy bow was more stressful, as it changes shape a couple of times.


I was completely new to sewing, but managed to produce a product that I'm very happy with.


I think that sewing side curtains would be difficult without the correct (sewing machine) foot, because you need to get the needle quite close to the metal frame.


Haveago, mate - it's very therapeutic.




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