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  1. Looking excellent. Can you buy imperial size metal stock in the UK ? Or has the steel market been changed to the EU metric standard. It is all metric here, since + 40 years , an absolute pain when working on older projects like WW2 vehicles. Unfortunately German vehicles are not too common here !!!!!!!
  2. Hi Richard Sorry to be a pest . How did you machine the recessed valve section in the piston ? I have saved the 3D drawing for future reference !
  3. Nice work ! Did you have a original pump on loan to copy ?
  4. This was for sale in Australia for around 5K UK Pounds a few years ago. It was imported from the UK in 1976 by a MV enthusiast. I had the pleasure of driving it a few times.
  5. The drawings https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=364517
  6. Nice work. These things can take some thinking out..nice work on the lathe
  7. Excellent work. Is the lid for the filter a casting ? If so what is the material ?
  8. Very nice work ! I need this type of information for my CS8 water tank project but I don't know where or how the Morris differs to the Bedford when it comes to the details .
  9. Hi Mike Cecil wrote a short article on the 1200 odd Australian issued US6 trucks. Have you seen the article ? The army reserve here used US6 til 1971 at least
  10. Hi Have you seen this movie ? Interesting scenes with a MWC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN2XU2vsiws
  11. Found a soldiers name and service number scratched into the instrument panel of my 1940 Canadian C8 Chev. JS Hunter VX65738...... did some searching and found the chap was still alive , this was around 1993, and living up near Ballarat. He was a tank gunner in the 2/4 armoured regiment and was wounded in action on Bougainville while in a Matilda tank. Anyway I wrote him a letter, he replied saying he doesn't recall the truck or his act of vandalism !
  12. Ok some pics . There is more stuff . The canvas cover and the wooden shipping box .
  13. Hi back in 1980 I bought a NOS Canadian chorehorse in the original ww2 shipping crate. The chorehorse itself is a matt medium green. The spares box is matt brown The paint is matt flat without any shine . The kit includes tools and a can of oil ... real ww2 oil . Canvas cover too. The Maple leaf decal is on the chorehorse and spares box... spares include ammeter ig. Coil . Can post pics if your interested
  14. hi Paul I had a T112 for many years , a 46 model, my daily driver car . They normally had a Australian built TJ Richards built body . The earlier military ones , 1942, used by the Australian army had a separate cab like yours but mine had an integral cab rear body like most aussie utes. Yours appears to have a Adelaide built TJ Richards built cab because it has the quarter vent windows in the doors. Is it RHD ? cant tell from the pic. Is it a import from Nth America ?
  15. The present Japanese owner posts on the Facebook Morris six cylinder CS8 PU page . The vehicle currently has leaky brake wheel cylinders, he is trying to repair things but I think he has limited mechanical knowledge . I steered him to Champ Spares ? who I think had some brake bits . Mike
  16. Ron Being a early production Morris , maybe your PU/8 would have been fitted with the rubbolite tailights .
  17. Back in the 1980's, Colin Anderson the well known military vehicle restorer , installed a GMC 270 into his QL Bedford. He drove it to Corowa one year and later on he sold it to somebody in Sydney. It was used in a TV series as a Jap truck in Malaya !
  18. Richard Many thanks for those pics and the dimensions of the rails ! I have a pair of old original MW side curtains that I don't need , these are the small curtains that fit at the rear corners of the cab behind the doors. This pics may be of interest: post war service in Denmark
  19. Ah thanks for that . Some close up pics of the catwalks would be a great help to me What is the brand of that tyre PETL??? Are these tyres Asian origin ?
  20. Looking at the catwalks along each side of the tank - appears to be 1" angle iron with wooden cross slats ? Can anybody provide some sketches or close up pics of the catwalks ? Mike in Australia
  21. Those tanks look nice Mario. Did you recycle the original end caps and the filler neck ?
  22. At least one MWC was shipped to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea , and it was used by a searchlight unit there in 1942 . I think some of the refugee vehicles stayed in vehicle parks for the duration. They were a odd bod bunch and didn't see much service in the Aust. army. They were surplused/ sold beginning in 1944 to Govt. departments or purchased by the parent company eg Ford, Morris , GM in Australia, then sold through the dealerships to farmers and other essential users
  23. Hi I found some interesting info in the Australian army registration books , these books are held at the AWM and are online . Ships loaded with vehicles on board were heading for Singapore when the nips overran Malaya. The ships were diverted and the vehicles were unloaded at Australian ports . I have found MWC's, WOT2D's , Austin K2Y's and more. The WOT2's were disposed beginning late 1944 , I have seen a few of these ex bush fire brigade examples over the years. Some of the MWC's went to fire brigades as did Morris CS8's.
  24. The box with the angled lid that is sitting on the drivers side catwalk contains the MONO power pump, this pump is driven from the engine through the front end
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