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Restoration Projects.


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A place to talk and record the progress of your restoration projects, the highs and the lows. What you have learnt and links to suppliers. Please fill free to post your pictures here as well.


Post away!






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Right here it is:


Right heres my first post then, basicly starting off about the condition I purchased the Shorland in, current history I know, so here goes:


I bought the vehicle in early june 2005 from ebay for £99, Its a standard mk3 APC it had done 32,000mls had one previous owner and has the original 2,600cc engine still, the rolling Chassis and engine were supplied to Short and Harland in Northern Ireland on the 28th of June 1972, making this vehicle Tax exempt. The chassis number of this one is 94200136A and the serial number is AC3/RH/P/Q54, I have the heritage Certificate to prove her pedigree, but she is as yet, unregistered.


The previous owner fitted a brand new Carburetter, new plugs points coil and leads, and she now runs beautifully, the gearbox works well in high and low. The clutch however is seized as she stood for a long period of time, I have been able to roar around the yard by using the engine revs to time the gearchange.


The vehicle is currently partially stripped as the previous owner was going to remove the tub in order to carry out minor repairs to the chassis, which overall is very good, just needing blasting and repainting. This vehicle has been used in a urban warfare roll, empty shell cases and machine gun bullet clips were found whilst cleaning her out.


By the begining of the 2006 summer the vehicle will be finished, except for a few hard to find bits (gunners seat,gun cradel,turret preiscope,smoke dischargers,searchlight,turret ring and radio) and will atempt to find some more history about it, aswell as attending as many shows as possible (approxamately 30-40) a year.


Before the restoration was started:







^Passengers footwell only the botton part has gone which will save on work^















^ "A quick fix" the radiator had been removed by the seller, so to move it to the back garden we needed the rad back on and it worked so well its still like it for now.^

I'll post some on here when ever I update the Blog or Pic albam (thats tomorrow then),


















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Hi Richard, it was too sunny to see when we filmed it today, so were going to do it at night about 4 0,clock in the evening so we dont wake anyone, when you listen to it in real life it really dose sound like a Merlin on a run up, the neighbours dont mind as there mostly at work during the daytime when we run it, and are used to seing the back garden and front drive full of HMVs and classic cars, especially when we gather on the front drive for a convoy to the shows at 7 in the morning. :lol:


I,ll film it when we run it up at night and post it up on here and the Blog.





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Hi all, Ive just found the reg number on the rear of the shorland so far it reads:




I cant tell you what the rest is at the mo because I have to goto "Sign On" at the Jobcenter, and by the time I get back it will be dark, so I'll sand the paint off tomorow to reveal the first to digits.

I cant wait!




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I have seen it mentioned elswere but can anyone answer this


I have just got a 1980 109 FFR Hard Top L/R


i got it cheap (£250) tyres are worth that!


all it needs is a load of welding (usual bits rear x member ,outriggers and a bit chassis.


the bit i need help with is the clutch, this is siezed


how can i get it freed off?





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The way i managed to free my landie 101 clutch was to before starting the engine select 1st gear, push clutch pedel to the floor and hold it there, handbrake on hard and other foot on the brake then started the engine, this freed my clutch but dont know how stuck yours is. Maybe someone else has a better way but this worked for me. Just make sure there is nothing in front of your vehicle when doing this incase it jumps forward. :-o

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Probably not the best way to do this, but this is how I did mine:


First make sure all the clutch hydraulics are good, I replaced both cylinders and bled the system. Then make sure all the brakes are good. Put it on axle stands, then start the engine in top gear 4wd. Rev it so that you're getting a good turn of speed at the wheels, I think I had about 40 on the speedo. Then press the clutch in and hit the brakes. Hopefully the brakes will lock the wheels and the clutch will be free. It worked for me straight away, although the noise was a little bit scary! (I used 4 axle stands and several jacks, you do not want it falling off and then going straight into whatever it in front)



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Hi Clive


Yes it is a flap and it is only on that side.

as far as i know it has the standard 'Dexion' inside,all wiring is present.

It was originaly a LHD but has been changed to RHD.

The last owner was ex Royal Marines and the FFR has got the RM dagger sticker on it ,it also has small Red Cross stickers on and stencils for 42CMDO.

I have been to 42 Commando in Plymouth and a long serving member of the civy staff (and ex RM) did not remember the Reg No, and he also said it was probably not RM as not extra work had been done to it.


If you can help in any way i would be very greatfull.



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