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The BAR-NONE Motorcycle Club was formed in 1944 in Egypt. At that time it was for racing in the Desert sand near Cairo. As the name suggests, it was open to all makes of WD bikes,  ranks and Services. From hi ranking RAF and Army officers down to privates. (I don't know if the Royal Navy got involved?) .......(The original pictures are courtesy of Lex) 

The Matchless G3L seemed to be among the most favoured for these events. With lots of parts dumped and cut off to lighten the bikes.

I recently acquired a second G3L, which I intend to build as a (road legal) "nod" to these machines. Ron 



BWhatsApp Image 2023-06-26 at 11.57.31 (1).jpeg

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My cut down rear guard is dummied on. I've taken the tank off and drilled out the 1/8th BSP tap boss and tapped it to 1/4 BSP. and swilled it out ( I have a few of the 1/4 BSP petrol taps). I've also stripped the carb and ordered some new parts. I want to run the engine up again properly before I strip the wheels out for de-chroming.  Ron


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Hi Andy. The engine and gearbox seem fine. Most unusual to not strip something. Judging by the amount of metric and AF nuts and bolts, the bike has undergone various rebuilds and civilianisation during it's life. Very unusually for a Matchless, it doesn't wet sump!!! The previous owner remarked how well and strong the engine was.

I have an engineer friend in the new forest who buys his oversize throttle slides from Martyn Bratby. I'm going over to see him this morning.  Cheers Ron  

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More stripping today. I've removed the stupid dynamo from the stupid engine plate. I'll get it overhauled and if it packs up in the future, it will stay packed up and I'll do what others do and just charge the battery before every outing. I'll be fitting LED bulbs anyway. 

I also had a mishap whilst trying to press out the stupid upside down wheel bearings from my front wheel. Too much pressure and I moved the hub out of line with the rim. I've slackened all the spoke nipples and hopefully Adam will be able to true it again in his jig.  Ron

BDSCF5898 (1).JPG

BDSCF5898 (2).JPG

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I've got all the spraying done and started the buildup and sorted most of the wiring. I'm waiting for the dynamo and brake lining firms to wake up after Christmas! These items will be holding me up soon. 

I've resolved my bent front hub issue for now, but I have got another one coming from NL in the new year.....Just in case!

I usually fit my own tyres, but I'm going to nip them down to Poole Tyres this morning. They are always friendly and helpful and the boss is a motorcyclist anyway.  They'll probably charge me a tenner for the coffee fund. Ron




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