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Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre - A Despirate Appeal


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Anyone who knows Cornwall, with know of RAF St Mawgan. The CAHC is (or soon won't be) next to RAF Saint Mawgan, Newquay TR8 4JN

Sadly it has been forced to close by the local council, and the site must be cleared immediately and they are in despirate need of temporary homes for some of their exhibits or even coveres or temporary structures for those exhibits that may have to be left out in the rain, and be ruined

There was a plan to build a new museum nearby but that fell through, at the last moment.

What is strange is on the one hand you have 'Visit Cornwall' Tourist Board and yet a council who wants this museum closed when there are no immediate plans to do anything with the site. Its not as if the diggers and construction are waiting to move in and start construction. Its just a bloody shame, the local council are not being helpful at all  and it makes no sense.

This was an award wining  museum and has helped in the education of many local schools and groups

My dad flew their nice looking Vickers Varsity and my cousin worked on their EE Lightning. To see them cut up for scrap would be a shame

There is a petiotion on change.org of 50,000 signatures, against the decision.. Hopefully this link works


Any help from the MVT in the SW England area would greatly be appreciated


Tel: 01637 861962 

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