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BSA 1939 KC10

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So I had a free afternoon today and with the Velocette restoration plodding on nicely I though its time to have a look at my 1939 BSA KC10. This bike is prehaps the rarist and most complete bike which I own with the orginal matching engine still fitted to the original frame, maybe the only one? 🤔 Due to other restorations skipping the que, it’s been some 6 years since I really looked at this bike where it’s been laid up on shelves.

The plan……to get it all together, before striping it again.

Good progress made already!

Still plenty of parts still to fit





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Nice one Steve! hope you get the clutch sorted eventually, one of the most terrible and cheap designs in the world, failed to work from new! here my mate's KC10 restored by Ron, and further perfected by me.




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And my KC10. Unfortunately not matching frame and engine. It came with a WC10 engine but I managed to do a swap with a guy as we both had the wrong engines.

I have got a spare fork damper star washer if you need it.  Ron

DSCF4026 (4).JPG

DSCF3656 (2).JPG

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Both bikes look great gents!

I have boxes of bits which I’m slowly sorting through, but it appears the bits I’m missing are the rear mudguard stays and foot pegs. Unfortunately the original headlamp and red dot ammeter are also gone but I am sure I can source them over time. I seem to recall the KC10 ammeter was slightly different to the WC10? I could be making that up……

Ron, I am actually missing the fork damper star washer, so can I please put my name on your spare 👍

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The red dot ammeter was used on both KC10 and WC10 Steve. Here is the correct wartime type. It has a domed glass. The second picture is the post war version (flat glass)

remind me your address again by email Steve and I'll send you the washer.  Ron

DSCF3440 (2).JPG

DSCF2987 (2).jpg

DSCF4779 (2).JPG

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Are you taking 1939/40 C10's in general or just WD? The only register that I know of is what Owen tries to keep up here https://bsac10c11c12.co.uk/smf/index.php. I'm not sure how complete it is or if he distinguishes between civy and WD. Either way, not that many. There is also a mix of 39 and 40 parts and WD and civy parts.

I guess I've looked yours up Steve, but I've forgotten it. Can you post or send me your frame number please.   Ron

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Steve I just remembered that the KC models didn't have matching numbers. They were all mixed up from the start. The WD WC10's did have matching numbers. After the WD WC10 contract the numbers got mixed up again as the same frame was used for the C10's/11's/12's.


I think I can see your engine number, I can look it up if you want if you confirm by PM. Something is not right!?  Ron

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