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Both the B60 and B80 used the Solex 40NNIP carb, but they would be set up / jetted differently. There should be a Rolls Royce number stamped on them and you need to know the specific number for the engine/vehicle application.

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RE 14549 is a RR part no. but is it not for a float?

Cross checking  throws up:

16K 18235 (RAF)

10710--1642 (Marcus Engineering who took over RR service parts. I suspect 10710 is the Solex no. & relates to 40NNIP1642)

I have the RAF ISPL for B60 Mk 5G & no mention of RE 14549 or 16K 18235 although are are some quite similar numbers.

NSN 2910-99-401-1670 might help

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30 minutes ago, Manylandrovers said:

Don’t suppose you happen to know what application RE 16272 was fitted to?

The nearest I can find is RE16472 which was a 40NNIP fitted to early B81 engines I believe

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