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  1. The generator holding tray is located midway down nearside wing on a FV603. Took me a while to figure what these trays were for Every day is a school day !
  2. This thread has now inspired me to take a look at starting mine, i have one for each saracen. The FV603 is quite conventional, but the FV610 has quite a tricky system inside for charging external radio batteries. There is a jump lead that you move from socket to socket depending on which battery you want to charge.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement, i will be back on it soon. I do forgive you for shooting at them, i have often thought about blowing this one up myself ! But then i convince myself it will be worth it when it is done ? We'll see.
  4. Cheers for the heads up, yes, i had spotted it, looks like an interesting auction. I will not be bidding on the other Schutz' one of them is plenty ! My Schutz' is on a back burner for now, as we are focusing on a refurb on a 25 pdr and my 434. But should be back on it soon.
  5. As usual, Andy is completely correct. They are indeed Mk1 FV432. I have two of them and they both have this setup. If necessary i will take a photo for you ? They may well have been fitted to other vehicles, but i can't think what.
  6. I would second Clives comments about Pat Eagan at Khaki Imports. I have had a few dealings with him, both sides have always been very happy with the results. As Clive said, he has a good reputation and will go out of his way to help out anyone. I have yet to deal with Airborn, but it won't be long, and i hear good things about them also. What is it you are looking for ?
  7. Sorry, Lowfat, i forgot to do the measurement thing for you. I'll get on that. Been busy with other parts. I had to do a bit of brazing on the coolant header tank. I was aware it had a dent, but sandblasting revealed a small crack that needed to be repaired. I am happy i have the correct paint colours now.
  8. I have a spare engine. I may have a spare gearbox, not sure, i think we had a bid on it. Where are you based ?
  9. What kind of talk is that ? Get on it !
  10. Not that it matters, i'm just curious. What does BILCHROME mean on a rolls royce B81 SV block ? Did they make the casting ?
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