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  1. The generator holding tray is located midway down nearside wing on a FV603. Took me a while to figure what these trays were for Every day is a school day !
  2. This thread has now inspired me to take a look at starting mine, i have one for each saracen. The FV603 is quite conventional, but the FV610 has quite a tricky system inside for charging external radio batteries. There is a jump lead that you move from socket to socket depending on which battery you want to charge.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement, i will be back on it soon. I do forgive you for shooting at them, i have often thought about blowing this one up myself ! But then i convince myself it will be worth it when it is done ? We'll see.
  4. Cheers for the heads up, yes, i had spotted it, looks like an interesting auction. I will not be bidding on the other Schutz' one of them is plenty ! My Schutz' is on a back burner for now, as we are focusing on a refurb on a 25 pdr and my 434. But should be back on it soon.
  5. As usual, Andy is completely correct. They are indeed Mk1 FV432. I have two of them and they both have this setup. If necessary i will take a photo for you ? They may well have been fitted to other vehicles, but i can't think what.
  6. I would second Clives comments about Pat Eagan at Khaki Imports. I have had a few dealings with him, both sides have always been very happy with the results. As Clive said, he has a good reputation and will go out of his way to help out anyone. I have yet to deal with Airborn, but it won't be long, and i hear good things about them also. What is it you are looking for ?
  7. Sorry, Lowfat, i forgot to do the measurement thing for you. I'll get on that. Been busy with other parts. I had to do a bit of brazing on the coolant header tank. I was aware it had a dent, but sandblasting revealed a small crack that needed to be repaired. I am happy i have the correct paint colours now.
  8. I have a spare engine. I may have a spare gearbox, not sure, i think we had a bid on it. Where are you based ?
  9. What kind of talk is that ? Get on it !
  10. Not that it matters, i'm just curious. What does BILCHROME mean on a rolls royce B81 SV block ? Did they make the casting ?
  11. The stand would be easy to knock up ! Let me know if you need measurements etc
  12. Stuck in, what I consider, a mundane section of the refurb at the moment. Sandblasting and repainting every piece of it. I much prefer the strip down part of it, but then comes the rebuild, and hopefully a positive key turn at the end of it ! Ah well, a necessary evil.
  13. Ingenious ! Well done !
  14. Damm, i thought i had that, and the coveted trophy !
  15. Removed rocker cover and sump today. Both surprisingly clean. Thankfully no bits of metal in sump. Oil was mid brown in colour, the vehicle has been stood for some time. Looked like it has been a while since any kind of a service. No evidence of water in oil. Photos to follow.
  16. I was told it had 'neutral turn' capability, however, i am not convinced this gearbox or steering unit are capable of that ! therefore, i will run with the theory for now that the two inner tillers are for regular steering, with two separate system per lever, and as Richard said, skid steer options on the outer tillers. That reminds me, i must force myself to continue with the very mundane task of translating the field repair manual. Thank you all for input.
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