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  1. Who owns it, then? What’s is it’s correct ERM?
  2. Wow that’s some advance. i was setting the valve gaps on my b80 just now prior to setting the ignition and am confused why the rotor arm is about 45 degrees out when the flywheel is tdc...? Even at 10 degrees atdc the rotor arm is nowhere near the no1 terminal inside the cap...
  3. Is that the only reason (Petrol quality) they retarded it so much?
  4. Hence why someone said you could advance it as far as the slots in the mounting allow
  5. Is that the only reason (Petrol quality) they retarded it so much?
  6. Oh, if I can make sense of that( Luddite here)! I’ll try it
  7. Interesting. When I disconnect the WiFi connection on my iPhone, it returns to normal. I’m having this problem with pictures as well. There is something about my BT wifi.... cant do it on my iPad as no cellular data link. Frustrating.
  8. My format for this site has gone totally to pot - it’s now in text only. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. Gearbox out (through the top). It is seized solid. (No great surprise last given the view through the inspection cover) Engine now revs well - and runs nicely with the electronic ignition from the cvrt although I’ve no idea what the timing is.....!!
  10. I agree Clive. One of the reasons I fitted mine to the Ferret was to do away with the worry of mis-synchronised points. One of my early problems in getting the Ferret to run was that it was only running on the front 3. I discovered eventually that the “bridge” between the terminal post coming in from the coil and the post for the fixed contacts (ie the bridge that runs under the baseplate) had fractured and although I soldered it I wanted to do away with that hassle. The cold staring characteristics of the electronic ignition, from my experience of J60s, is excellent. As it is, the conversion seems to have gone well. Although as I mentioned above hasn’t cured my inability to rev. (I now believe the latter is down to a seized transmission....) The conversion took me a while to do properly - routing a second wire (made up of that rather good, thin Cvrt red LT wiring) through the armoured cabling and ignition filter (just enough space ). You wouldn’t ever know the difference. I’m going to try a conversion on My B80 using a second hand Jolley unit...
  11. Mm, I can’t see why that it is necessary.. I don’t know if cvrt coil units were changed when they introduced electronic ignition. The housings changed as they will have had to incorporate the fuse for the rev limiter, but the coil itself? Clive will no doubt be able to tell us:-)
  12. While in the subject of electrics I see on eBay people selling Ferret Ammeters, but none of the diagrams I have show them. Were they fitted to later mks perhaps? im going to fit one from a landrover shunt box as I quite like monitoring the output of the generator, plus I’m going to have a BV, with the relay circuit taken from a gen + line somewhere.
  13. It’s a B60 base unit Inc weights and springs. - the drive dogs are not the same...But yes I guess you could have swapped the springs and weights from the cvrt over - I didn’t.
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